Nepal Best Trekking Packages 2018

Nepal Best Trekking Packages are the best custom holiday’s packages in Nepal. Nepal is one of the unique destination for spending trekking holidays all around the world. Nepal is well-known in terms of travel and trekking destination situated in South Asia. Nepal is a virtual heaven; every year many people come to visit Himalayas in Nepal who want to gain an incredible lifetime experience. Hence, Trekking is the best things to do in Nepal.

View from Nemche

Everest Trekking Packages are the best option for experience adventure activities in Nepal. Due to diversified land structure, Nepal has the high potentiality of doing trekking activities. Even beginners who don’t have trekking experience can also enjoy the trekking in Nepal. Mt. Everest Trekking in Nepal provides you the immense pleasure, valuable movements, spectacular Himalayas, beauties of nature, well varied lifestyle, traditions, cultures and hospitality, remote villages which are totally new from your country. Some of the top packages for trekking in Everest region are Everest Base Camp Trek, Kalapathar Everest Trekking, Everest Three High Pass Trek, EBC with Island Peak, Budget Everest Base Camp trek, etc.

Among many trekking packages in Nepal, these Everest trekking are selected and organized specially by Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd for you. If you are planning and looking for a holiday in Nepal, look the best trekking packages in Nepal with especial discount offers for 2018. We are always ready to warmly welcome here with best services which are suitable and convenience to you. Find below a list of Everest trekking packages designed to suite your needs and tastes of holiday duration in Nepal. (more…)

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Best Trekking Destination in Winter Season in Nepal

 “Nepal for all Seasons”
Trekking in Winter Seasons is the best and short trekking in Nepal. Mainly, Nepal has four trekking seasons i.e. autumn, spring, summer and winter seasons. During winter seasons (December-February) it is too cold in the Himalayan region of Nepal, but normally the days and weather is sunny, clear and cool. Usually in winter seasons there is snow falls in the higher elevations with a risky winds and colder temperatures. Hence, winter season is an ideal season for trekking in the lower altitude below 4,000 m.

Trek in winter season is the best season to seek the perfect views on mountains beyond your eyes. This season is also safe to trek at the lower altitude. This seasons are considered as the off-season trek, where the trials will be less crowded and no any troubles to get rooms on tea houses and hotels. Regarding budget, due to off-seasons the food and accommodation cost will be cheaper. We recommended any ages of people who are planning to visit Nepal, to do winter treks in Nepal.

Life Himalaya Trekking runs low altitude popular winter trekking in Nepal. You can utilize your leisure time and gain a lifetime experiences during winter seasons holidays in Nepal. If you are looking for suitable and incredible destinations in winter season in Nepal, following packages are the best selected options for trekking.

1. Everest Panorama Trek – 10 days
Everest Panorama Trek is one of the famous trekking destination in the winter seasons in Nepal. Everest Panorama trek is the short and spectacular trip in winter region who commenced the Everest region trek. This trek is a popular destination with Sherpa’s unique culture with spectacular mountains views, best suited for first time trekkers those who has limited time and no time for longer treks in Himalayas of Nepal. This fascinating trek is a short trek which offers a wonderful panoramic view of world highest mountain Mt. Everest (8,848 m), Lhoste, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Thamserku and mighty of peaks, Nepalese traditions and culture, warm hospitalities of peoples, world famous Sherpa’s lifestyle, mountain villages, tiny mountain settlements, old Buddhist monasteries, varieties of climates, beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna and so on.

View from Nemche, Everest Panorama trek

Everest Panorama treks journey start with the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, the starting point of Everest region. We walk via popular Everest route to Namche Bazar the heartland of Khumbu region via Phakding. We trek to beautiful village of Thame and towards the Khumjung village, beautiful settlement of Sherpa people. Then ascending all the way trek up to Tengboche, old and ancient Buddhist monastery where locals performs daily rituals and prayers. After having beautiful memories and snapshots of spectacular scenarios of Himalayas, we descend back to Lukla and catch a scenic flight towards capital city Kathmandu. (more…)

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Top Trekking Destination In Nepal for Christmas and New Year Holidays

Ghorepani Poon hill is one of the perfect destination for Christmas and New Year vacation for the people all around the world. Ghorepani poon hill trek is famous short and easy trekking in Annapurna Region. Ghorepani poon hill is popularly known as Annapurna sunrise trekking in Nepal. Poon hill trek is situated northern central part of Nepal and also inside the Annapurna conservation area at altitude of 3, 210m. Poon Hill offers the glimpse of the sunrise over the Annapurna panorama ranges as well the picturesque views of the huge Himalayas including Annapurna I, II, III, and IV, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung Himal, Gangapurna, and Manaslu ranges and mighty of peaks.
Every year more than 100,000 treks trek the poon hill trekking of Annapurna region. If you are searching for the best trekking destination for Christmas and New Year holidays, Ghorepani Poon hill is one of the most popular trekking trial in the Himalayas of Nepal. Ghorepani poon hill trek is very easy and modrate trek offering breath stooping majestic Annapurna massif, natural beauty, spectacular snow-capped mountains, tranquil landscapes, charming Gurung and Magar cultural villages, unique culture and living way of life, lush green Rhododendron forest, bamboo and alpine forests, Vibrant sunrises over the snow-capped peaks, variety of environments, flora and fauna and so on. The Ghorepani poon hill trek is very suitable and best trekking destination for Christmas and New Year holidays, even trekkers can do with their childrens and old age people. However, Poonhill trek is very safe and comfortable trekking destination.

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Top 5 best treks in Nepal

Top 5 best treks in Nepal are the popular and unique destinations that allow trekkers to explore high Himalayas to the small peaks with the magnificent and incredible views. The top 5 treks in Nepal provides you the best tourist destinations in Himalayas. Nepal is the well-known destination in terms of travel and trekking destinations situated in the South Asia. Nepal is also known as trekker’s paradise and the land of Mt. Everest (8,848) as it crowned by eight of the world’s highest mountains over 8000 meters, including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Annapurna, Mt Manaslu, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Dhaulagiri and so on.

Trekking in Nepal is a rewarding spot for every trekker around world who want to have lifetime experience or simply to spend their holidays in the majestic mountains. Every year more than 700,000 tourists visit to Nepal to explore centuries old and ancient cities, variety of ecosystem, terraced mountains villages, intricately terraced fields, forested hills, snow-capped peaks and high altitude deserts, the spectacular landscape, panoramic views of the Himalayas, religious heritages and pilgrimages ancient art and architecture, wonderful sunrise and sunset, nature & wildlife, culture, traditions and harmony of traditional way of living. The best season to trek in Nepal are (March-May) and (September-November).

Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd. ensures professional services, safety, and reasonable cost to you. We sell such packages that best suits your interest, need, requirement, budget and time frames. Following listed top 5 best treks in Nepal designed for the trekkers who are interested to touch and feel the atmosphere of the Himalayas.


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Tihar- Festival of Lights

Tihar-Festival of Lights is the second biggest festival of the Hindus in Nepal. Tihar is also known as Diwali, Deepawali and Yama Panchak; which is five –day long festival celebrated in Nepal. Tihar is most celebrated festival by Nepalese people after Dashain festival in Nepal. This festival often falls between month of Ashwin or Kartik in Nepali Lunar calendar as well Mid-October or Mid-November in the solar calendar. During this festival, people honor and worship crows, dogs, cows, Laxmi- the goddess of wealth and luck and brothers and sisters. As numerous candles and festive lanterns will be lit up for the Goddess of Laxmi.
Tihar is also well-known as the “Festival of lights”. During this festival all the houses are decorated with lit oil lamps, lanterns, candles, electric lights and clay diyas. Thus, during every nights the entire cities as well villages looks like a sparkling diamond. Tihar is also known as festival of flowers, where people decorate homes with colorful flowers and lights and eat various delicious foods like sweets, sel-roti and so on. The government announced a three-day public holiday starting from Laxmi Puja to Bhai Tika for this festival in Nepal.
Story behind Tihar festival:

There are various stories behind the celebration of Tihar. According to Hindu mythology, the celebration of tihar is related to Yama Raj “God of death” and his sister Yamuna. Yama Raj “God of death” used to be always busy with his work. Yama Raj had been staying away from his sister for a long time. Yamuna did not get a chance to meet him for a long time. Yamuna wanted to meet his brother Yama Raj so she asked various animals to visit him. She sent crow but he didn’t came, she sent dog then a cow but he still didn’t came to meet him. Therefore, at the end she herself went to see her brother and finally meet him. After meeting him, Yamuna performed a ritual and worship him by making a circle of oil around Yamaraj, by offering garland of Globe Amaranth flower (Makhamali in Nepali) and putting Tika of different colors in his forehead. Yamuna made a circle with mustard oil, Dubo Grass and put Makhmali flower Mala and she told her brother that he could not leave until the oil and the garland, Dubo grass, Okhar until gets dry. Then, they both sit together after long time and talked, laughed and enjoy for a long. Therefore, every sister worships his brother for their long lives.


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Nepal Trekking | Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Trekking is a combination of hiking and walking activity in which trekkers take multi-days trips. Trekking Nepa is the journey which is done by foot, especially to hike through mountainous areas often for multiple days and along lovely mountains, villages, enjoying nature, contact and lifestyle with people in remote mountain villages where lifestyle and normally where there is no reach of transportation. In other words,  Tour and Trek  Nepal is the activity of walking long distances on foot for the purpose of pleasure, relaxation and collecting information along with the guide in certain destination. The trekkers can get knowledge which is more adventurous with the real life scenario, centuries old and ancient cities, an incredible variety of ecosystems, frozen peaks and high altitude deserts, the spectacular landscape, panoramic views of the Himalayas, ancient art and architecture, wonderful snaps of sunrise and sunset, flora and fauna, nature & wildlife, religious heritages and pilgrimages, charming village’s inhabitant, cultures and lifestyle of Nepalese people in mountain areas while trekking.

View from Renjola Pass


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Nepal Mountaineering

Nepal Mountaineering refers to the activity of walking long distances on foot as touching the Himalayas and experiencing the atmosphere there in. Mountaineering may also known as physical activity in a mountain or hill peak or a rock formation that has to be ascended through climbing. The mountains of Nepal are divided into different categories depending on their height. Mountaineering normally means climbing peaks that are above 5500m and below 7000m in Nepal. Mountaineering is regarded as challenging treks, however, includes basic mountaineering above the snow line using ice axes, crampons ropes and necessary climbing gears under the supervision and instruction from the climbing guide. In Nepal, Mountaineering is a fascinating dream for different mountain climbers all over the world. A mountaineer has to travel minimum 30 days required for the trekking and Climbing.
Nepal Mountaineering is another popular adventurous activity in tourism business of Nepal. Nepal is a home of the formidable mountain ranges in the worldwide. Nepal has an extensive history of mountaineering with the early explorers, challenges of unexpected summits. Mountaineering in Nepal instantly became a passionate adventure after 1953 when Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa set their first ever foot on the summit of Mt. Everest. Then after appeal of mountaineering grew manifold luring thousands of mountaineers from all around the world. The best seasons for mountaineering in Nepal are spring (March-June) and autumn (September-November).


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Hindus Biggest Festival Dashain

Hindus Biggest Festival: Dashain is the major festival for Hindus in Nepal traditionally celebrated for two weeks with prayers and offerings to “Goddess Durga”. It is also referred as Durga puja or Bijaya Dashami. It is a fifteen-day long national festival of Nepal. Dashain is the longest festival in the Nepalese annual calendar, celebrated by Nepalese Hindu people all around the world. The great festival Dashain is the time for family reunion, exchange of gifts and blessing, wearing of new clothes, eating different varieties of food and elaborates puja. People return from different parts of the country to celebrate Dashain festival together with their respective family and relatives. During this festival period, Government of Nepal gives two weeks holiday and all government offices, educational institutions and other offices remain closed throughout the celebration. The Dashain festival falls in the month of September or October or the Nepalese month of Ashwin or Kartik ending on the full moon. In this year 2017, the Dashain festival falls in 21st September to 5th October.
The main highlights of Dashain festival are wearing of new clothes, home visits, grand feasts, kite flying, playing cards, blessing from elders and village swings, and so on. The native Newars of the Kathmandu Valley celebrate Dashain or as they call it Mwohni or Durga Puja as the most important Newar festival of the calendar year. Hindu and Newar people of Nepalese community celebrate with only slight differences and interpretations, where each nine days of Navaratri leading up “Dashami” and “Purnima” carry their own special importance. During the first ten days, pilgrims flock to various river confluences early in the morning and sacred shrines in the evening. Ghatasthapana, Phulpati, Maha Asthami, Maha Nawami and Vijaya Dashami, Purnima are the series of the events under Dashain each marked with a different set of rituals. During Dashain, men and women visit their respective elders and relatives to seek “Tika” (a dab of red, white and yellow color and vermilion mixed with yogurt and rice) accompanied by blessings. Numerous animals like Goat, Sheep, Hen, Buffalo, Ox, etc are officially sacrificed at each and every house of Hindus as well during Maha Asthami and Maha Nawami at capital city Kathmandu (Hanuman Dhoka) which is attended by officials, invitees and visitors. The Goddess “Durga” and her various manifestations “Lion” are especially worshiped by Hindu throughout the temples of Kathmandu Valley. Around Dashain time the 70% population of Kathmandu is greatly reduced as many head home to various parts of the country. (more…)

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Top 14 Highest Mountains of the World

The 14 highest peak of the world consist of mountains on Earth, which are of more than 8,000 meters (26,000 ft) high altitude above the sea level. All 14 highest peaks of the world (8,000m) are located in the Himalayan and the Karakoram mountain ranges in Asia. These submit points are located in Nepal, Tibet-China, Pakistan and India. All the submit points are in the death zone i.e. a place where there isn’t enough oxygen to sustain human life. The altitude is generally above the 8,000 meters where the human body cannot acclimatize. The human body may deteriorate, leading to unconsciousness and ultimately death too in this higher elevation altitude.

According to only seventeen climbers have reached the summits of all 14 mountains. Mr. Reinhold Messner an Italian become first person to climb all fourteen eight thousander on 16 October 1986. Then followed by Jerzy Kukuczka (Poland), Ehardt Loretan (Switzerland), Carlos Carsolio (Mexico), Krzysztof Wielicki (Poland), Juan Oiarzabal (Spain), Sergio Martini (Italy), Park Young Seok (Korea), Hang-Gil Um (Korea), Alberto Inurrategui (Spain), Han Wang Yong (Korea), Ed Viesturs (U.S.), Alan Hinkes (British), and Silvio Mondinelli (Italy), Ivan Vallejo (Ecuador), Denis Urubko (Kazakhstan), Andrew Lock (Australia).

The first recorded ascent of above eight thousand meters was by French team Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal. They reached the summit of Annapurna I on June 3, 1950. Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak, was submitted for the first time on  May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa from Nepal. Whereas the last ascent of above eight thousand meters; Shisha Pangma was submitted on May 2, 1964 by a Chinese and Tibetan team. However, many climbers attempt was unsuccessful as well as many have died while climbing the highest peak in the world.

1. Mt. Everest


Other Names: Sagarmatha, Chomolangma, World’s highest peak

Altitude: 8,848m/29,029 ft (above the sea level)

Prominence: 8,848m/29,029 ft

Location: Nepal/ Tibet boarder

Expedition: New Zealander/ Nepalese

Range: Mahalangur Range

Best Season: March to May and September to December

First ascent: May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

Difficulty: Non-technical climb, Normal Routes


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Everest short trek Nepal

Everest short trek Nepal is the most popular adventure to all the people of this world. Many people dream to visit Everest once in a lifetime. Everest region is popular due to the presence of the world tallest summit Mt. Everest (8848m) which lies in the North-east part of Nepal.
Mostly visitor visit Everest base Camp through different trekking packages offered by local tour and trek companies of Nepal. There are varieties of packages under Everest trekking packages. Some of them are Short trek to Everest base camp, 7 days Everest base camp, World highest base camp trek, Everest base camp trek, Everest luxury trek and many more Everest trekking packages.

Short trek to everest base camp
Short trek to Everest base camp

Short trek to Everest base Camp lasts for 9 those trekking days you will observe the most beautiful place on Earth. Some of the highlight to this Everest base Camp short trek are the mind-blowing views of the Himalayas including Mt. Everest, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Losthe, Mt. Pumori, Mt. Nuptse, etc. You will explore the tradition and culture of local Buddhist and Sherpa villages durig your trek. You will walk through the alpine vegetation and rhododendron forest during the trek and you will get a worthy chance to take a glance from a flight over Everest region of the Himalayas from a helicopter while coming back from your trek

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