Manaslu Region Trekking

Manaslu Region trekking is in the Gorkha district of west-central Nepal. It’s one of the most renowned places in Nepal, known for its beautiful cliffs, deep valleys, and scenic mountains. Manaslu region is host to many incredible and unique sites worth visiting.

It offers an abundance of trekking destinations and places of interest. Manaslu Conservation Area is a prime destination for many visitors. It comprises undulating landscapes, lush green forests, rocky mountains, and beautiful valleys.

Spanned an area of 1,663 sq. km, the Manaslu Conservation area is an abode to many wild animals, watercourses, and glaciers. It ranges from the lower 1,400 meters to 8,156 meters at Manaslu Peak.

A permit is required for access to this conservation area. You’ll have to pay an entry fee of US$30 to get in and explore the area. Traveling along the way, you can see many medieval villages and rural settlements.

There are more than 9000 inhabitants in the region, mainly of Gurung ethnicity. Manaslu Conservation Area has more diverse vegetations stretching from tropical to subtropical forests. It has 110 species of birds and 33 mammal species, including snow leopard, Himalayan Tahr, and musk deer.

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Manaslu Region Trekking - Packages

Manaslu Larkya Pass Trek

US$ 1450
14 days
Gorkha Trekking in Nepal

Gorkha Trek (Lower Manaslu )

13 days
Water fall Manaslu & Annapurna circuit Trek

Manaslu and Annapurna Circuit Trek

24 Days
Manaslu Tsum Valley trek

Manaslu Tsum Valley trek

US$ 3150
24 Days
Woman having fun while trekking to Manaslumanaslu circuit

Manaslu Short Trek 10 Days

US$ 1190
10 Days
Hiker is climbig to manaslu base camp in highlands of himalayas on manaslu circuit

Manaslu Circuit Trek

US$ 1720
18 days

Major attraction places of Manaslu

Larkya La Pass

Larkya La Pass is the longest and highest trekking mountain pass in the Manaslu region. It’s located high above at 5,106 meters between Bimthang and Dharmashala. Larkya La is regarded as one of the most dramatic and difficult mountain passes, following extreme altitude and remoteness.

Birendra Taal is another touristy area in the Manaslu region. It’s a scenic freshwater lake with a still, smooth surface and turquoise color. It has a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills and glistening mountains, which provides a graphic scene. The lake lies in the close vicinity of Punhyen Glacier and Smagaun gompa.

Ngadi Chuli

Ngadi Chuli is the highest peak in Mansiri Himal. It’s at an elevation of 25,823 ft, surrounded by Manaslu and Himalchuli to the north and south. Ngadi is one of the toughest mountains, so few people dare to climb it. It’s been only mounted once or twice, but anyone who does it is rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains, glaciers, and seracs.

Manaslu Conservation Area

Manaslu Conservation Area is a wonderful place to visit during spring and autumn. It’s home to varied wild animals and birds. The sanctuary comprises towering mountains, lakes, glaciers, and valleys.

Best time to explore Manaslu Region

All things considered, spring is the best time to visit the Manaslu region. It has mild and brisk weather that brings relief to visitors. Temperatures are higher during April, but it isn’t super humid or baking hot. There’s quite a scene between late March and early May with flowers in full bloom. You may see lots of wildflowers and rhododendrons all along the way.

Autumn has amiable weather with sunny days and breezy nights. The weather is cold in higher ranges, while it’s still nice and warm below. The skies are clearer from September to November, providing you with a spectacular view. The weather can be hot, though, as the temperature ranges from 13 to 25 Degree Celsius.

Manaslu may be cold in winter, but it looks like a paradise with glistening snow and white forests. Its towns and valleys are covered in snow, while the lakes are frozen, providing a great view. The temperature is below freezing point in Manaslu during winter, so you’ve to be slightly careful.

The monsoon in Manaslu starts from mid-June and lasts till August. It washes off all dust and dirt to provide a clear view. The weather is lovely after frequent rain showers. You’ll experience sunny days with temperatures ranging from 5 to 25 Degree Celsius.

Trekking Grade

The difficulty level of Manaslu ranges from moderate to extreme, depending on weather, altitude, and several other elements. Manaslu’s trekking routes are usually tricky, provided steep slopes, mountain passes, and deep valleys.

The trails are rugged and filled with rocks in the higher region. So, be more prepared if you’re trekking Manaslu Circuit or base camp. Acclimatization is a must when traveling these places or higher above 3500m.