Sustainable Tourism

Eco-friendly Tourism

All the activities operated by us will never impact negatively on the environment. Sustainable tourism and keeping safe our destinations we visit are the main concern and our highest priorities. We always undertake the regular eco-audits (at the end of the season) of our activities to ensure that we are minimizing our impact on the natural surroundings and take action immediately.

Supporting Local Communities

We make sure that every trekking and tour we operate has a direct and positive impact on the local community. Most importantly, from each trip, the money you spend goes to the local community and children of rural area for supporting their basic needs like education. Every trip with us makes some difference in someone’s life who need it most.

Society and culture

Understanding and regarding nearby societies is at the center of all that we do. Each trekking and tour we run incorporates various authentic experiences that will give you a genuine vibe for the communities we visit.

Animal Welfare

We work to ensure animals are never harmed or negatively affected by our activities. We support a number of local animal welfare groups and have adopted a number of rescue animals at the properties we own.