Nepal Climbing Packages

Nepal Climbing Packages presents the Himalayan Vistas of Nepal. Nepal is where the world’s tallest mountains are bristling. It is the abode of the Himalayas’ loftiest part. Avid mountaineers all across the globe come to Nepal at least once. Thus, Nepal is the ultimate place for mountaineers and peak climbing. Every year, the base camps of the peaks of Nepal are dotted with colorful tents.

Nepal has more than 1300 mountains that cross heights of 5,500m. Eight eight-thousanders, i.e., peaks above 8000m, lie in Nepal. Some of them are shared with other countries. You surely have heard of Mt Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. Nepal’s peaks are a part of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world.

Historically, the Himalayas’ formation resulted from a collision between the Indo-Australian and Eastern Plate. That collision caused the Himalayas. Fortunately, the highest part of the Himalayas formed in Nepal’s northern region. And that part is the home to over 1300 ice-loaded peaks. This is how Nepal became the home of the world’s top mountains.

Some of the notable peaks of Nepal’s Himalayas are Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri I, Manaslu, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Ama Dablam, Gangapurna, Langtang Lirung, Pumori, Api, Machapuchare, Dorje Lakpa, Mera Peak, Imja Tse and more.

Mountaineering in Nepal is about reaching the tops of those mentioned above and other peaks. Mountaineers of all experience and expertise levels land in the country. With a lot of preparation and patience, they reach the foothills of the mountains. Then they spend days and weeks ascending to kiss the tops of Nepal’s peaks. Ultimately, they leap off super joy and celebrate the ascents.

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Climbing Packages

Mera Peak

Mera Peak Climbing

US$ 2790
18 Days
Island peak from chukhung valley

Island Peak Climbing

US$ 2490
17 Days
Lobuche east mountain in the everest region

Lobuche Peak Climbing

US$ 2800
14 Days
Mount Everest and nuptse from kala patthar

Mt Everest Expedition

US$ 39999
58 Days
Jiri to Island Peak Clmbing

Jiri to Island Peak Climbing

US$ 2890
22 Days
Island peak view from chukhung

Everest Three High Passes Trek with Island Peak Climbing

US$ 3400
22 Days
View of lobuche peak from kala patthar

Everest Base Camp Trek with Lobuche Peak Climbing

US$ 2460
19 Days
Langtang Valley and Yala Peak Climbing

Langtang Valley and Yala Peak Climbing

US$ 1750
16 Days
Pachermo Peak Climbing

Rolwaling and Pachermo Peak Climbing

US$ 3490
18 Days
Annapurna Circuit and Pi sang Peak Climbing

Annapurna Circuit and Pisang Peak Climbing

22 Days
Hinku Valley and Mera Peak Climbing

Hinku Valley and Mera Peak Climbing

22 Days
Yala Peak and Ganjala Pass Trekking

Yala Peak and Ganjala Pass Trekking

US$ 2050
16 Days

More About Climbing

Collectively, Nepal Climbing Packages is a wholesome experience. Climbers not only climb mountains but also progress through Nepal’s diverse landscapes. Nepal is also a place of rich vegetation, varied cultures, traditional villages, and more. You, as a climber, will experience all of Nepal’s gifts in between. Thus, peak climbing in Nepal is like nowhere else.

Below, we have listed all the popular peak climbing packages ranging from 5500m to 8848.86m. Let’s unravel them.

5500m-6500m Nepal Climbing Packages

Let’s start with basic mountains. These peaks, ranging from 5,500m to 6500m, are trekking peaks as per the Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA). These peaks are the center of attraction for beginners. Novice climbers in large numbers flourish to Nepalese grounds just to climb these trekking peaks.

With comparatively lower elevations, the trekking peaks are accessible or less technical. Hence, these are perfect options for novice trekkers. Likewise, high mountain climbers can use these peaks to acclimatize before the big climb. These peak climbings feel more like trekking than climbing. Only at some points do these peaks get a bit technical. You are good to go if you are well trained and expert at using essential climbing gear and techniques.

These peaks of 5,500m to 6500m in height are more straightforward but not the easiest. You have to put in some work to reach the top. Some of the peaks are a bit more technical, for example, Chulu East Peak Climbing and Lobuche Peak Climbing. Some of the most famous mountains in this category are Island Peak, Tent Peak Climbing, Thorong Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing, and Yala Peak Climbing.

If you are a starter in climbing, you should choose one of the above peaks and get yourself going.

6500m-7500m Peak Climbing in Nepal Packages

Next, we move to the 6500m to 7500m category. Altogether, 205 peaks in Nepal lie in this classification. These peaks indeed are not trekking mountains. Instead, these peaks are a bit challenging and technical.

Unlike trekking peaks, the peaks of the 6500m-7500m category are not for strict beginners. These are adventurous peaks perfect for well-prepared and slightly experienced beginners.

The mountains with 6500m to 7000m are comparatively easier than the peaks higher than 7000m. Even beginners can try climbing the lower categories. However, the cliffs above 7000m are strictly for experienced climbers.

The 7000m-7500m peaks are rehearsal or practice mountains for higher mountains. For example, if you aim to climb Mt Everest(8,848.86m), you should first do Amadablam Expedition(6,812m) or Ganesh Himal Expedition(7,422m).

Some of the best 6500m-7500m peaks to climb in Nepal are Langtang Expedition, Ganesh Himal Expedition, Putha Himchuli Expedition, Ama Dablam Expedition, and Tukuche Peak Climbing.

As the peaks of this category are a bit more technical than earlier ones, you have to be prepared for it. The basic climbing knowledge will not be enough. If you have already climbed 5,500m to 6500m peaks, you are ready for this section. It is time to level up your game.

7500m-8000m above Peak Climbing in Nepal Packages

There are no peaks in this world higher than this category. Here, we are talking about the 7500m-8000m above peaks. The highest peak in the world is Mt Everest, with a height of 8,848.6m. So the limit of the mountains in the world is Mt Everest, which comes in this category.

The peaks in this grade are the most adventurous and technical of all. The difficulty level of climbing the mountains under this category is very high. As per your experience and climbing skills, the cliffs of this group can be easier or more difficult. These peaks are not for beginners at any level.

This group’s peaks below 8000m are more accessible than those above 8000m. You have to be pretty skilled at using climbing gears and techniques. Only with such an experience can you climb these peaks.

Fixed ropes and ice axes are too regular for this fraternity. There will be difficult ascent, descent, exposure, technical climb, and extreme trail. Only with good preparation and experience can one climb these.

You are suitable for this category if you have already climbed peaks above 5500m to 7000m. For example, If you have mounted Langtang Expedition(7,234m) or Ama Dablam Expedition(6,856m), you are ready for Mt Everest Expedition(8,848.86m) or Makalu Expedition(8,463m).

When it comes to eight-thousanders, Nepal has got eight of them. Some of the famous peak climbing packages in this category are MT Everest Expedition, Kanchenjunga Expedition, Annapurna Expedition, Manaslu Expedition, Dhaulagiri Expedition, and Makalu Expedition.

If you are ready to climb the peaks of this category, you are already a legend.