Message from Director

Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings from a country known as the ‘Abode of the Gods’’: Nepal!

Most of us live in two worlds, the familiar world that we know, & the world we don’t…you will need to cross three continents to get to Nepal, but you will never regret it. It’s most likely a world you’ve never known, & after you’ve explored it, you will soon realize it’s a world you’ll probably never forget…

We’ve been traversing the trails for roughly two decades, & have been to some of the most isolated corners on the planet in landlocked Nepal; & it all happened in blood, sweat & tears, but we won’t grumble, because some of the toughest terrains on earth are only found in Nepal, & nowhere else…its been quite some time, but Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd saw the light of day when we were born in the year 2016, & since then, we haven’t looked back. We’ve heartily enjoyed all of our experiences in the wild & we would like to share them with you, right to the hilt.

Our products are planned to the closest detail & with the backing of a strong attitude in our services & response to giving our clients the best. All of our operations are conducted with precision, & have simply become a way of life for us. We never compromise on the resources required to give you down-to-earth experiences developed through knowledge of the land we work in; because when you sign up with us, we are driven by a work ethos that promises the best. This comes with quality & we just don’t find a better way in repaying you back with the trust you placed in us, & your trust is your life, literally, on these rugged mountains that are sometimes punishing, but so naturally beautiful.

Ours is a consistent ethic of giving you value for everything you pay for, & also consciously assuring you get services that go beyond your expectations, through a clean deal without any frills. Sometimes we ask ourselves: what pushes us on & why do we do all this? It’s a simple answer that remains deep within us, we love escorting you to extraordinary places in the mountains…& we enjoy so much sharing those gratifying experiences with like-minded people…because this is what Life Himalaya is Trekking was meant for, right from our inception.

In these uncertain times of a virus that almost brought our planet to the brink, we welcome you to the Himalayan state of Nepal. Hike through some of the highest mountains on earth & enjoy an ecosystem that’s clean, beautiful & pure. Discover the unknown from the known. Return home with lifetime memories never to be forgotten.

Shiba Hari Rijal
Managing Director
Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd