Heli Trek

Nepal Helicopter Return treks are generally more popular and prevalent than anywhere else. They are considered the trekkers’ safe and fast way out from the mountains. Helicopters are, in fact, viewed as the best and easy alternative to escape the long winding trek routes of the Himalayas.

The helicopter return trek is a fascinating way to discover Nepal’s hidden majesties and landscapes in a short time while also enjoying a walk on the old trail. Since trekking is tedious and exhausting, hiring a helicopter seems a great option when returning from the trek.

It provides you with the most amazing travel experience that visitors can feel. The helicopter return trek combines comfort, convenience, and exclusivity. As far as it’s thrilling, helicopter return treks are equally safe and secure. They provide more freedom and privacy for trekkers to enjoy the journey while watching the majestic view.

You can hire a helicopter to return from various locations like Everest Base Camp, Manaslu, Annapurna Base Camp, Gosainkunda, Langtang Valley, Tilicho Lake, etc. Most trekkers book private heli to fly back from the base camp as the trails are long and time-consuming.

For the best  heli return trek with luxury accommodations with hot showers, western toilets, and wifi. Life Himalaya trekking is the best local company for the heli return trek and climbing in Nepal.

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Heli Trek - Packages

EBC and ABC Trek View

EBC and ABC Trek – 14 days

14 days
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Return Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

US$ 1400
1 Day
Tsum Valley Heli Return Trek

Tsum Valley Heli Return Trek

US$ 3890
09 days
Manaslu Circuit Helicopter Return Trek

Manaslu Circuit Helicopter Return Trek

US$ 4590
11 days
Langtang Helicopter trek

Langtang Helicopter Trek

US$ 1550
08 Days
Gokyo Renjola trek

Gokyo Chola and EBC Trek

US$ 3230
11 days
Everest Base Camp Trek

14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

US$ 2099
14 Days
Short Everest Trek, View from Everest View Hotel Namche

Everest Short Trek 05 Days

US$ 1990
5 Days
Everest Base Camp Trek With Helicopter Return

Everest Luxury Trek – 13 Days

US$ 3290
13 Days
Premium Everest Base Camp Trek

Premium Everest Base Camp Trek

US$ 5990
9 Days
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

US$ 3599
12 Days
Short Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

10 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

US$ 2599
10 Days

Suitability of Nepal Helicopter Return Treks

1. Opportunities to explore remote areas with excellent wild habitats.

Trekking has always been a long and tiring walk in the Himalayas. You have to travel above and beyond for hours on end. While the trail allows you to walk far and remote places, it’s still challenging. But with the Helicopter return treks, you can shorten the trail.

It’ll ease your journey and make the travel more fun. The helicopter return trek will provide access to the country’s remote areas, which is inconceivable to travel alone. You can view the scenic landscapes and wilderness from the flight.

2. Adjustability

Helicopter Treks in Nepal are generally more agile and flexible. They dodge all the travel chaos, long queues, and delays at commercial airlines. You can schedule your flight as you wish. Easy cancellation, booking, and rescheduling of flights make the helicopter an ideal option for travelers.

It can fly you to several locations in a short span of time. There are no lengthy check-ins and check-outs on helicopters. You can avoid customs and other processes at the airport that make travel more inconvenient.

3. Time saver

The best thing about Helicopter return treks is you can save time while returning. Suppose you want to go for 2-3 week treks and don’t have enough time, this helicopter return option is the best for you.

People also choose this helicopter return option if the itinerary has the same returning route. And this is obvious, why walk the same route twice? You can save half of your trekking days with this option.

4. Privacy and comfort in Nepal helicopter return treks

When it comes to personal space and comfort, nothing can beat helicopters, especially when you’re tired of walking for weeks. The return flight from the trek can ease your journey by flying directly from the landmark. While doing so provides you with a magnificent view of rolling hills and tropical forests. They can fly you closer to the history and provide beautiful shots of mountains and steep-sided valleys.

Everest Region Helicopter Treks

Everest region helicopter Trek packages are one of the most popular Nepal Helicopter Return Trekking destinations. We can perform, the Everest Helicopter Tour, Helicopter return from Everest base camp, Helicopter return from Gokyo Valley, Amadablam base camp, and other locations in the Everest Region of Nepal.

Our short trek to Everest base camp, 10 days Everest Base Camp Trek, and 7 days EBC Trek with Heli return are some of the most popular Heli treks in Nepal.

Life Himalaya is the first trekking company started the  Delux helicopter return treks packages with luxury accommodations in all over Nepal as well as the Mount Everest region. Everest base camp short trek with helicopter return is the best heli return trek for the fit adventure trekkers.

Final Say

Nepal Helicopter Return treks are the best option to shorten long itineraries. Its main aim is to allow the trekkers to explore wild and distant regions of Nepal while making travel convenient and saving time.