Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return Tour

The Everest Base Camp Trek Packages with helicopter return tour is ideal for those who have limited time on their schedule. These Everest trekking packages provide you with the added luxury of a stunning helicopter return flight. We are specialized in providing these short and exciting helicopter return trekking packages into the Everest region from the very beginning of our company.

Everest Base Camp Trekking with a return by helicopter flight tour gives an amazing lifetime experience. The adventure of trekking to see the world’s mighty Mount Everest and flying back over the glaciers, mountains, and rivers enjoying the close-up views of snow-capped mountains is awesome from these heli trek packages.

Life Himalaya Trekking has expertise in providing exciting helicopter return packages when trekking in the Everest region. Book your Everest helicopter trek with Everest trekking company.


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Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return Tour - Packages

Gokyo Chola and EBC Trek

US$ 3100
11 days
Short Everest Trek, View from Everest View Hotel Namche

Everest Short Trek 05 Days

US$ 1990
5 Days
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Return Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

US$ 1250
1 Day
Everest Base Camp Trek With Helicopter Return

Everest Luxury Trek – 13 Days

US$ 3290
13 Days
Premium Everest Base Camp Trek

Premium Everest Base Camp Trek

US$ 4990
9 Days
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

US$ 3099
12 Days
Short Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

10 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

US$ 2050
10 Days
Short Trek to Everest Base camp

Everest Base Camp 9 Days Trek

US$ 1990
9 Days
Everest Base Camp trek Heli return to KTM 

Short Everest Base Camp Heli Trek Return to KTM

US$ 2750
8 Days
07 Days Everest Base camp

Everest Base Camp Short Trek with Heli Return

US$ 1899
7 Days

When thinking of the Everest region, the trek routes are the first things that come to your mind. The Everest region offers various trekking destinations, and Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek is the most famous one.

The EBC Trek route takes you to the base of Mount Everest – the world’s tallest mountain. The Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek is an alternative for those who cannot climb Everest due to limited time or some health issues. Thus, it is on the bucket list of many travelers.

On average, the Classic EBC Trek typically takes between 11 to 14 days to complete. But you can decide to finish the round trip in a shorter time or extend the trip than usual as the days can be customized. We have customized Everest trips from 5 to 20 days.

However, if you are short on time or not much of a walker, you can choose the Everest Base Camp with Helicopter return. In Everest Base Camp Heli Tour, you complete the trek to Kala Patthar and return by Helicopter.

Life Himalaya Trekking provides you with the opportunity to do a heli trek to the base camp of Everest and return to Kathmandu in less than one week. You will get rest days depending on the itinerary you choose.

Everest Base Camp Trek Packages with Helicopter Return

Everest Base Camp Trek Packages with helicopter return

Do you prefer adding a dash of luxury and adventure to your trek? If you do, then our perfect match is the Everest Base Camp Trek with a Helicopter return. Everest Base Camp by Helicopter is a great combination of a beautiful hike and a scenic helicopter ride.

Everest Helicopter Trek Packages offer breathtaking cinematic views of the scenarios. This high-altitude trek takes you through the same trails as the classic route, but the only difference is you will be flying when returning.

The adventure is set to take you to the foothills of the tallest peak in the world. This pristine region is an ideal destination to find thrills and challenges. Trekking in the Himalayas is a great escapade that gives you experience and extra fun.

While Trekking in the Everest Base Camp routes, you return using the same path, which takes a minimum of 11 to 14 days to complete. So, even if you are a fast walker, you will be finishing the trek in a maximum of 10 days by foot.

Thus, if you are a time-bound trekker, then going on this trip might not be possible or quite hard to finish in time. So, keeping time-limit travelers in mind, we present you with unique heli trek packages.

In this Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek, you will either land in Lukla or Kathmandu according to your itinerary to end the journey. This Everest Helicopter Trek package blends trekking ventures with luxury.

Why Choose Everest Base Camp Trek Packages with Helicopter Return?

Helicopter return trek packages are the quickest and most reliable way to return from Everest Base Camp. Unlike your standard trekking route, you won’t walk to the endpoint; instead, you catch a flight back from Gorak Shep to Kathmandu or Lukla.

These packages are an excellent choice for travelers who are time-bound. It comes in different day itineraries that can be suitable for your free schedule. This tour is designed to provide fun and adventure in the same package.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour packages cover all the necessary facilities and services, including proper acclimatization. It saves you time as you don’t have to walk the same trail back to Lukla.

All the Everest Base Camp Heli Trek starts in Kathmandu and ends in Lukla or Kathmandu. You can join the trek solo or with a group.

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek Route

The route of Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is similar to the standard path. It follows the same trekking course to Everest Base Camp, and the return is different.

The trek begins by flying from Kathmandu to Lukla, which is about half an hour’s flight. After arriving at Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla, you start trekking through rivers, jungles, farming fields, and villages.

You can make your stop at Phakding, Monjo, or Jorsale. The next day, you head to Namche Bazaar, where acclimatization is held to avoid AMS. During the rest day, you can explore the village or hike to nearby places to gain some altitude.

After a wonderful day, you now resume the trek and ascend to Tengboche and then to Dingboche the following day. Dingboche is another hotspot for acclimatization. From here, you can visit the beautiful viewpoints for some mesmerizing scenarios of the Himalayas and landscapes.

You again continue your trek and head towards Lobuche from there. After reaching the Gorak Shep, you start your hike to Everest Base Camp and return.

The next day you will climb Kala Patthar to get a picturesque view of the Everest region mountain and return to Gorak Shep again.

After returning to Gorak Shep, you catch the helicopter ride back to Lukla or Kathmandu, ending the trek.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return

Before planning for the Everest trekking tour, it is necessary to have hints about the best time for doing it. With better knowledge, you can schedule your journey in the most pleasing way possible.

There are four seasons in the context of Nepal: Spring, Winter, Monsoon/ Summer, and Autumn. Among all these options, Spring and Autumn are considered the best time for Everest Base Camp Heli Trek.

Spring is the season for a new beginning when the hills and forests gain their lost greenery. Likewise, Autumn is the season when the beauty of nature is at its peak.

Spring and Autumn have calm weather and mild temperatures. During these times, the climatic conditions are not too hot or too cold. It is perfect for going on the Everest Base Camp Heli Trek.

The routes are surrounded by beautiful vegetation of colorful flowers and unique plants. In contrast, the mesmerizing view of mountain peaks accompanies you throughout the journey.

The aerial view is also incredible under the clear skies and bright days. There are fewer chances of cancellation and delays during the Spring and Autumn seasons as the occurrence of rain or snow is low.

Food and Accommodation During EBC Heli Trek

Finding Food and Accommodation is not a problem when trekking on the routes of Everest Base Camp. The trails are loaded with tea houses providing a wide range of food items.

Mostly normal tea houses are the accommodation and eating traditional delicacies during the trek. You have bread, jam, varieties of eggs, biscuits, paratha, and more for breakfast.

For lunch, you have fried rice, Chowmein, Puri Tarkari, fried noodles, soup noodles, etc. At last, for dinner, you have the local Thali Set that includes Dal, Bhat, Curry, Pickles, Veg or Non-veg items, and other side dishes.

You will find basic Twin-sharing rooms in the entire trek that include a table, two beds, pillows, and a blanket. For bathrooms and toilets, you get attached ones in a few places only. Most lodges will have sharing or public only.

Private EBC Heli Tour Cost

The cost of the EBC Heli Tour depends on the package and services you select. Our packages offer complete board services covering plane and helicopter flights, accommodation, meals, permit fees, and service fees.

The lodging will be basic but comfortable during the lodge trek to Everest, and you get to choose your three-time meals during these heli treks. The package also includes tea house accommodation.

The price of the helicopter tour depends on the group size. A helicopter can carry a maximum of 5 people simultaneously, and weight limits up to 450 kg in high altitudes—usually, the tour packages cost from $1250 to $5000 per person.

But if you select the luxurious tour package, it costs about $5000 per person, including all 5-star services. The Premium tour package is a bit expensive because you get more facilities in it.

Everest Base Camp Trek vs. Helicopter Tour

Visit Everest Base Camp has both Trek and Helicopter tours available. You can hike a round trip or walk halfway and return using a helicopter to Lukla or Kathmandu.

Everest Base Camp Trek takes about 14 to 16 days to complete. So, it is not suitable for trekkers who don’t have much time. You will be flying to Lukla first, then hiking to Everest Base Camp and returning retracing those steps.

However, nowadays, you also have the helicopter tour option that lets you trek and saves time by riding a helicopter during return. You walk the classic route to Everest Base Camp and catch a flight from there to Lukla or Kathmandu.

In comparison to the trek, the helicopter tour is much faster and less time-consuming. But the heli treks are more expensive than your usual trekking itinerary. So, if you are on a run and desire to visit the base camp, then the Helicopter tour option is the best choice. But if you have a lot of time on hand, then trekking is suitable as well.

Can we reach mount Everest base camp without trekking?

Yes, Adventure lovers all over the world who want to see mount Everest without trekking are possible with 01-day helicopter tours or staying in luxury lodges including the classic route Lukla to EBC day by day Life Himalaya organizes custom-made itineraries for multiple days of helicopters tour to the mount Everest base camp.

Final Words

Our Everest Base Camp Trek Packages with Helicopter return provide you with an exciting time in the Himalayas of Nepal. We give you the best and most comfortable helicopter tours at a reasonable price.