Dolpo Region Trek

Dolpo region is a Tibetan-inhabited highland located in the western part of Nepal. It covers around 15 percent of the area in Nepal and is divided into Outer (lower) and Inner (Upper) parts.

Dolpo Region homes several high-altitude villages, with nearly 90 percent of them located 3500 m above sea level. A part of this region also resides in Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest and only trans-Himalayan park in Nepal.

The park shelters a large abundance of wildlife and birds such as musk deer, snow leopards, Himalayan blue sheep, snow pigeons, Himalayan griffons, and more.

The region has outstanding landscapes, beautiful lakes, and scenic mountain views. Trekking in this region lets you visit destinations such as Shey Gompa, Shey Phoksundo Lake, and many more.

The majority of people living here are of Tibetan origin. They are friendly people with a warm and welcoming nature. While exploring the region, you get to see their unique culture and lifestyle.

Dolpo region offers several trekking destinations: Upper Dolpo Trek, Phoksundo Trek, Shey Gompa Trek, Rara Lake Trek, Lower Dolpo Trek, and more.

Overall, the beautiful Dolpo Region catches the eye of travelers with its diverse culture, extravagant nature, and scenic beauty. The blessed remote and exotic trails are a plus point that adds to the excitement of the visit.

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Dolpo Region Trek - Packages

Lower Dolpo Trek

Lower Dolpo Trek

US$ 2590
20 days
upper dolpo

Upper Dolpo Trekking

18 days

Major Attraction Place of Dolpo

Shey Phoksundo Lake

Shey Phoksundo Lake is a high-altitude oligotrophic freshwater pond located at 3611.5 m/ 11849 ft elevation inside Shey Phoksundo National Park. The lake is 494 ha/ 1.91 sq mm in size and 145 m/ 476 ft deep.

Phoksundo Lake is a holy pond for Bonpo and Buddhist religion followers where annual prayers are conducted. There are more than 20 stupas and Ringmo village on its southern end during a gompa in the eastern belt.

Exploring around this aquamarine blue lake mesmerizes you with its beauty and the Kanjirowa massif on its backdrop.

Shey Gompa

Shey Gompa is a beautiful Buddhist abbey located at 4200 m altitude. It was built back in the 11th century and is believed to be the divine heart of Upper Dolpo. Every twelve years, a festival called Shey Mela is held here.

This monastery belongs to Chaiba Community, Kagyu sects, and Padmasambhava followers. It is mainly known for its ancient Buddhist customs, arts, and institutions.

Mount Putha

Mount Putha, known as Dhaulagiri VII, is a part of the Dhaulagiri range. It is the 95th highest mountain globally, at 7246 m altitude. In recent years, the peak has attracted visitors through skiing from the summit to camp 1.

Rara Lake

Rara Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Himalayas of Nepal, at 2990 m elevation. The lake covers 1583 ha/ 6.11 sq mm in size and is 167 m/ 548 ft deep.

This oval-shaped lake lies inside Rara National Park between Jumla and Mugu districts. It reflects the mesmerizing scenarios of landscape on its backdrop.

Best Time to Explore Dolpo Region

Like other regions, visiting the Dolpo region is possible any month of the year. However, most travelers prefer spring and autumn due to the climatic conditions. The weather is partly sunny and bright during these times.

Spring and autumn have pleasant temperatures, clear skies, and minimal chances of snowfall. Moreover, the majority of the Dolpo region lies in the rainshadow area. So, if you visit before rain showers, you can spend time here during the rainy seasons.

Trekking Grade

Dolpo Region Trek is graded as moderate to difficult depending on the elevation you reach. Usually, the routes are considered strenuous due to steep ascends, descends, long trekking hours, high passes, and nights at high altitudes.

Trekking at a higher level requires you to cover several altitudes within a short period. So, acclimatization is necessary to give your body the proper rest it needs to adapt to the current surroundings.