Trip Duration
27 Days
Start/End Point
Maximum Altitude
4,065 m.
Trip Difficulty
Moderate with Adventurous Walks
Scenic trek and hunting wildlife
Best Season
Set-Dec, Mar-Aug
Trip Duration

27 Days

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Trip Duration

27 Days

  • No hidden charges
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  • Daily private trip departure

Overview of Blue Sheep Hunting Safari and Adventure

Himalaya Treks presents an adventure of great endurance in our “Blue Sheep Hunting Safari & Adventure,” a safari within the shade of high Mt. Dhaulagiri range of peaks around Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.

Blue Sheep Hunting Safari & Adventure leads you to hidden isolated areas of North Mid West Himalaya in pristine wilderness away from humans and villages, in perfect harmony of natural surrounding within giant peaks of Dhaulagiri mountain range.

Blue Sheep Hunting Safari & Adventure is not an easy job or sports it entirely depends upon your luck and best time of hunting season where areas with abundant of wild-life like Bharal / Blue Sheep dwells and graze on the high jagged rocky cliffs and mountain slopes.

Bharal or Himalayan blue sheep or naur is a caprid found in the high Himalayas of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and Pakistan.

Common Name: Bharal or Blue Sheep
Scientific name: Pseudois nayaur
Conservation status: Least Concern depending upon the area and countries.
Weighs: 52 kg (Adult)
Gestation period: 160 days

Highlights of Blue Sheep Hunting Safari and Adventure

  • Hunting safari around high green hills and mountains of Nepal North Mid West Himalaya
  • An adventurous hunt in search of wild Himalayan Blue Sheep around rugged mountains
  • Exploring remote farm villages within complete wilderness in the shade of high peaks
  • Following an old trails of Beni to Dolpo on isolated country of Dhorpatan Hunting Reserves
  • An exciting adventure following footsteps of beautiful Himalayan Blue Sheep areas
  • Hunting within high snowcapped peaks of Dhaulagiri massive mountain range

Blue Sheep Hunting Safari and Adventure Itinerary

At Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport on fresh arrival where you will be warmly received by Life Himalaya Trekking staff and then with transfer to your hotels in the hub of Kathmandu city, after refreshment our guide / leader will brief you on Hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep or Bharal with trekking and camping, includes other information related to this trip, includes welcome dinner in a nice Nepali restaurant with culture programs.

A free day in Kathmandu after your long flight from home countries, morning tour of Kathmandu at places of interest around world heritage sites with time in the afternoon preparations for Hunting Blue Sheep / Bharal and trek around Dhorpatan.

Hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep Safari adventure starts with an overland drive on Nepal’s main highway to reach at Pokhara valley, driving through Himalayan foothills passing interesting towns, farm villages with wonderful scenery of country landscapes, after an exciting drive reaching at famous touristic spot at Pokhara. (If traveling by air 30 minutes scenic flight to Pokhara). From Pokhara, our journey continues westward to reach at Beni the headquarter town of Mygdi district and gateway to Dhorpatan-Dolpo and Dhaulagiri areas.

(options taking a normal regular flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara of 30 mins)

From Beni, drive leads on rough road past Beni and many scattered farm villages to reach at Darbang, the starting point of Dhaulagiri-Dhorpatan and Dolpo trekking. At Darbang time permitting we might walk for few hours to another overnight stop by the river to make the next day walk more easy, or just stay at Darbang in a local lodge.

After a wonderful time at Darbang first day adventure begins with a small climb to Dharapani  and to another village towards Muri near Takam, through forests with oak, pines and rhododendron trees and then reaching at Muri village a large place of Magar tribe settlement near Takam a large village in this mid hills from here the path to Dhorpatan and around Dhaulagiri route branch off, while our trek heads further North West to Sibang for overnight stop in a small farm village.

Our adventure starts past Pelma and Dhule with smaller villages and spread-out farm houses and animals shades, trek leads through gradual flat land with green hills on either sides. After few hours of good walk the trail climbs for long distance passing through several villages, and then eventually arriving at Moreni a small farm village for the overnight stop.

Morning walk leads through forest of rhododendron, oaks and pines trees after passing farm village with an exciting trekking along with fabulous scenery of landscapes and views of Gurja Himal and Mt. Dhaulagiri mountain range.

The trek from here leads further north west with view of massif Dhaulagiri and Gurja Himal where the Sen khola (stream) and Soure khola flows, and then climb above Jaljla pass top with fascinating views of surrounding landscapes and mountains and then following downhill path to overnight camp at lower Jaljala.

Morning walk follows on nice and green pasture country and chances of spotting some wild-life on route Gurjaghat, a nice walks with few short ups and downhill path that winds up and downhill to reach a small village at Gurjaghat for overnight stop.

Trek follows on the nice trail to village town at Dhorpatan, an interesting place area which borders of several districts around mid west Nepal, Mygdi-Dolpo-Gulmi-Agrkachi and Rukum a trade junction of many rural villages.

Dhorpatan the first hunting and wild life reserve of Nepal declared in the end 1970s where you can find Himalayan Thar and Blue Sheep’s in large numbers, the region is controlled for hunting only some species are allowed. Covers an area of 1,325 sq. km., the reserve is situated on the southern side of Mt. Dhaulagiri I (8,167 m) touching the border districts of Rukum, Baglung & Mygdi of mid west Nepal.

A pleasant and nice place for rest day for hike and exploration of this area, the vegetation around are mixed-hardwood forest at lower elevation with various plant species of drier climate in the north. The forest fed with fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, oaks, junipers and spruce trees. This hunting and wildlife reserve includes number of rural farm villages with host of  mid hills tribes and  with Tibetan origin, besides hunting, Dhorpatan is also an attractive destination for the trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts as protection has enabled animal numbers to increase in this seldom visited zone.

The walk from here leads north towards the border rim of Dhorpatan region onto Dolpo route, walk leads to more ups and downs passing past several Sheppard’s summer pastures then reaching at a clearing in the midst of the rhododendrons forest for the overnight camp at Phalunge phedi before the pass.

Morning walk starts with a steep up-hill overlooking fabulous views of surrounding hills and high towering massif mountains then slowly reaching the top ridge with unbelievable scenery, then descending towards overnight camp at Thankur and our base camp for week duration.

This region is completely isolated from villages passing often Sheppard’s shades, with an opportunity to see some wild life like snow leopards, musk deer’s and danfe ( National Bird of Nepal) pheasants the trekking today includes long climb and down-hill slopes till it reaches at Yamakar for overnight stop.

After a good breakfast the day starts with strenuous climb in some sections through the dense bushes and forest of oaks, hemlocks and firs following the streams for few hours, then reaching at a small cattle herders area in  a small place called Dhule for the overnight camp.

A good walk begins in the morning on the gradual trail in the dense alpine forest with small streams along the route, the path is nice with short ups and down-hill walk till Phupa phedi the overnight stop, a summer pasture.

With long trekking for several days finally the trail reaches to the end of Dhorpatan area that touches the frontier of Dolpo, walk continues with ups and downs passing small spread out huts and Shepard’s shades then reaching village of Sumdeling  for overnight camp on the meadow before Jangla Bhanjyang a pass of 4,535 m on route Tarakot, Dolpo.

Spending a week around isolated and remote wide areas of Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Purbang will be our base camp for hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep or Bharal, first few days scouting the wild areas for traces and sign of wild-life and then heading higher around possible grazing areas of Bharal or Blue Sheep.

If the wild is not abundant our walk leads further around Kayam-Tatopani (hot-spring), Dhule as far towards Phalledar Dhuri and Naudhara Danda ridges in search of Blue Sheep / Bharal.

During week time with base camp at Purbang, walking further with small team of camping and hunting staff heading towards isolated country near hills, ravine and valley stopping for few nights at each of the designated places, after a successful hunting trip return journey to base camp at Purbang, after fleecing the hunting prey as trophy of the wild hunt around Nepal Mid West Himalaya.

After an enjoyable and exciting adventurous hunting safari in the wild west of Nepal return journey taking a super scenic swirling flight on a helicopter to reach at picturesque Pokhara for overnight stop in a nice hotel by the Lake Phewa.

Morning a scenic overland drive back to Kathmandu with great experience and fond memories of Blue Sheep Hunting Safari & Adventure, an exciting six hour drive brings you at Kathmandu with afternoon free for individual activities or at leisure.

(options by air of 30 minutes normal flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu)

We have allowed another extra free day in Kathmandu, to relax your tired body and muscles after a great adventure on Hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep adventure, on this day you can book for another sightseeing tour around Kathmandu-Bhaktapur and Patan areas.

Last day in amazing Nepal and its massive Himalaya, after a memorable and fantastic adventure Hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep, Life Himalaya staff transfer you to Kathmandu international airport for your flight back home or to next respective countries.


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Blue Sheep Hunting Safari and Adventure - Essential Information

Bharal (Pseudois nayaur) also known as blue sheep have short, dense hair. Distinctive physical features are labeled on the pictures below. Females can be half to two-thirds the size of males. Young bharals are smaller and browner.

Life Himalaya Treks Hunting Himalayan Blue Sheep an exciting safari adventure with long day treks but rewarding with views of marvelous mountains and rolling hills, and green valleys.

As the journey start from warm sub-tropic climate to alpine cooler zone of thick woodland areas of tall rhododendron-oaks-birch-pines and fir tree lines to barren of arctic cold.

Walking into traditional farm villages of Magar tribe (a hill country people) of Nepal and with time around interesting Dhorpatan town and then heading higher into wild country in search of Himalayan Bharal or Blue Sheep, where you will have much space and time for a week in search of the right wild-life (Blue Sheep) and hunting.

After a successful hunt of Bharal or Blue Sheep getting back will be easier taking a Heli flight to picturesque Pokhara with overnight in the comfort of nice hotels, by the pristine Phewa Lake after an enjoyable and mesmerizing Blue Sheep Hunting Safari & Adventure.

Required Equipments for the Trip

Different types of equipments are required to fully enjoy your trip in Nepal. The required equipment may depend on the trip type, weather conditions, season and the maximum altitude of the trip.

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