Why should you book your trek with local trekking company in Nepal?

Everyone’s dream is to travel to a perfect destination once in a lifetime. Traveling is the best thing that one can commence for self-satisfaction, desire, and dreams of visiting the most fascinating and perfect destination of the world. Nepal is a perfect holiday destination as we are rich in immense natural and Himalayan beauty. Traveling to Nepal will be the best choice for the travelers because Nepal is considered as the trekker’s paradise holding the most renowned and delighted trekking destination throughout the world.

Nepal is the country with unique geographical and latitudinal variation, diverse geography, subalpine forested hills, rivers and streams, flora and fauna, arts and architecture, old and ancient monuments, and eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains in the world. Nepal offers a golden chance to witness the ever smiling charming faces, primitive lifestyle, culture, traditions, festivals, friendliness behavior, and warm hospitality of local Nepalese people which is quite wonderful.  Visiting this mind-blowing destination, you not only enjoy and get pleasure on your holiday but also gain a lifetime experience with long-lasting unforgettable memories and movements. After all, this is how Nepal is considered the number one trekking destination in the world.

People from all around the world want to visit Nepal and gain a trekking experience around the Himalayas of Nepal. If you are wondering about visiting Nepal for your enjoyable holidays, then you take a look at the reasons why should you book your trek with local trekking company in Nepal? Or why you should hire a local trekking agency in Nepal to organize your trek! However, travelers must be careful choosing the trekking companies in Nepal. There are numerous tour and trekking companies in Nepal who are not registered with Nepal Government. Thus, hiring such fake agencies can create problems and difficulties during your trips such as the unmanaged trip, difficult on getting trek permits, hassles during the trip and other services. You should choose the trekking agency that is registered with Nepalese Government and have a valid license from government organizations like Nepal Tourism Board, Trekkers Association in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association and so on.

Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd is a reputed rising local trekking company in Nepal based in capital city Kathmandu. We provide you an enjoyable and exciting trekking package with best quality services focusing on traveler’s safety, security, and comfort. We operate the best trekking packages and other holiday destination packages all over Nepal. As a local Everest trekking specialist agency, we deliver you best possible trip packages with lifetime unforgettable traveling experience. Out of tour and trekking company in Nepal, we remain different from others with our extraordinary quality services and smooth operation without any worries. The main motto our Life Himalaya is to lead you exploring one step further along with your safety, satisfaction and enjoyable holidays in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Similarly, there are many International trekking companies who sell same Nepalese destinations, adventure trips in the Himalayas and services. Despite selling the same destination packages, there are huge margin prices between local trekking company and International trekking company. The International trekking agencies are more expansive because they need to affiliate with local registered Nepalese company first of all as per the rule of Government of Nepal. And automatically the prices they charge you will be more than of locals. Thus, why to deal with International companies and why not to deal with local trekking agencies in Nepal for the best and enjoyable adventurous holidays trip in Nepal. There are some reasons behind why should you book your trek with a local trekking company in Nepal which is mentioned below:

Reasonable Price

Local trekking company provides the reasonable price for every traveler. As a local trekking company, Life Himalaya offers the best and fair price for the trekking holidays in Nepal. Booking to local trek agency, you may get the best price as per packages. However, price remains different as per the quality and services. Booking directly to the local company there may not the third party in between and there will not any commission negotiator. Besides, local agency promises best holiday packages and cheap cost in the Himalayas of Nepal. Sometimes, local trekking agency also offers special discounts on special offers from companies, students groups and so on.

Flexibility on Trip Itinerary

Local trekking agencies are flexible by nature and can customize the trip itinerary as per your suits, timeframes, and requirements where the international agencies have a set of fixed itinerary to you with limited options. We local trek company has many add-in options and can be flexible as per your demand and recommendations. You can set your own style on your holiday with local agencies. The International agencies only can offer the tailor-made trek itinerary and customized holiday according to your number of day s in Nepal but as a local company, we can organize we remain very different with international. So, we will be flexible with the itinerary longer or shorter days as per your requirement.

Best Quality Services

Local Trek Company doesn’t deal with multiple destinations, however; it focuses only on homewards providing best quality services. As a local trekking company in Nepal, Life Himalaya Trekking always believes in providing quality and guaranteed service. However, we have gained first-rate feedback of our client’s satisfaction on Trip Advisor. As a local trek agency, we give full consideration to your health and comfort. We carefully take care of your safety and security and provide the most suitable equipment and gears. We offer almost all kinds of reliable services ranging from airport pickup and transfer service, private transport, hotel reservation, flight booking, city tour, Mountain flight, helicopter charter, rescue facilities, business conference arrangement etc. Also, we provide the essential equipment and materials like a sleeping bag, matrices, and duffle bags, t-shirt during your trek.

Experienced Local Trekking Guides and Porters

Local Trek Company uses the only expert team of local trekking guides, climbing experts, cooks, porters and crew members. During your trekking holidays, you will be accompanied by our highly experienced guide as well as porters having an outstanding capacity of situation handling with good manner and hospitable nature. Our guides are highly skilled and professional and selected as per their qualities, good communication power, proven safety records, and great personalities to accompany you during your trip journey without any worries. So, when we book your trek with a local company, you will use a local Nepalese staff for your holidays. And you know that there is no one can explain the destination rather than the locals as they are engaged and familiar with that place.

Engaged in Social Work

When we book your trek with a local company, the cost you paid directly goes to the local economy. As tourism is the main source of the Nepalese economy, the thousands of locals may get employment opportunities. Most of the local agencies are engaged in their social responsibility helping the local community, to which you’re booking with the local agencies help locals in somehow. As a local trek company, we Life Himalaya Trekking believe it is our duty to contribute to the Nepalese society in some way. We contribute 60% of our trip profit to Ganesh Himal Community Foundation (www.ghcfnepal.org) a non-government, nonprofit organization committed to educating and caring for Nepali children orphaned devastating earthquake in 2015. So, Why not to book your trek with local trekking company and support to a local economy?

Authentic Information

Local tour and trekking company provides you with authentic and realistic information about any trek programs. Not only the trek related information, local company also provide the present situation related to politics, new update news about the trek and other tourism sectors which means local company are up to date and provide first-hand information. So, we Life Himalaya are always aware of the prevailing current conditions and ready to provide the authentic information as per trekkers requires before they book any trekking packages and destinations.

Registration, License, and Affiliation

This is a right of trekkers to know that they are trekking with the authorized trekking agency that has licenses and registration under various authorities or not? Among many local trek agencies Life Himalaya is one of the best local Himalaya trek agency. Life Himalaya Trekking is a Nepal government’s recognized trekking company established in 2016 with a company registers number 147491/072/073 and PAN number 604240471. We are affiliated to Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), and International Porters Progress Act (IPP), Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA) and many other national and international organizations. So, registered trekking companies are very smooth in operations.

Expert Consultant

Local trek companies of Nepal are an expert consultant than that of Internationals. Their staffs and teams member have decades of experiences. Also, the local company has better safety records of both guests and local than of International. In case of Emergency on a trip, a local company has a prompt response and provision of fast communication networks and Helicopter rescue operations for the safety of valuable customers, however, international may not have a quick response. As a local expert consultant, Life Himalaya focuses on your safety and security, services and records of a company.

In summary, above-listed points are the most important things to know that why you should book your trek with a local trekking company in Nepal. Getting all the above information’s there is no any doubts about booking your trek holiday with local trekking company in Nepal. Life Himalaya is one of the local tour and trek company who always in support behalves you and fulfills your desire without any harassments and worries during your trekking holidays in Himalayas of Nepal. We make sure that these information’s may definitely help to develop an idea to choose a right and reliable local trekking company for an enjoyable holiday and lifetime experience in Nepal.

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