Village tourism in Nepal

Experience the authentic local lifestyle in Nepal

Are you willing to travel and have an experience of a local village and culture in Nepal? If yes, You can find some of the popular villages tourism destinations and what to expect during this Village tourism in Nepal blog.

 Village tour in Nepal provides exciting observation of culture, traditions, art, architecture, and overall lifestyle. Believing in the philosophy of “Unity in diversity” The villages are formed with a mix of cultures and beliefs. Even though of various historic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, one can observe friendliness, collectiveness, satisfying harmony, and warm hospitality. 

Once an idea of promoting local ethnicity in Nepal, village tourism in Nepal has provided a popular way to interact with the local and foreign societies and intellect. In today’s day, Many rural communities in Nepal have led their way to become a popular tourist heritage to promote Nepal as a whole. Many communities on their own motive and willingness to be known in the world have successfully made a brand of their own to attract visitors from all around the world. 

Village tourism in Nepal has provided them a way to promote local goods in this era of artificial and industrial lifestyle. It shows that many basic things are more than enough to live a happy lifestyle. Nepal village tourism embarks on the importance of  wealth and peace rather than all the materialistic lifestyles of the world in today generation

Moreover,  Tour in Nepal villages also provides the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Nepal and ecotourism in Nepal. With the introduction of homestay tourism in village tours, villages and communities of Nepal have successfully been able to operate fully or maximally eco-friendly tours.

Highlights of Village tourism in Nepal

  1. Local Cultural Atmosphere mixed with natural beauty.
  2. Quality and new experience for both local community and visitors
  3. Eat and drink local foods and beverages
  4. Follow local culture and traditions.
  5. Wear tier clothes and learn local activities
  6. Live the overall day-to-day authentic lifestyle of the local village.
  7. Sleep in the home-stay of the local houses of the locals.
  8. Travel and learn new activities

Popular village/homestay tourism destinations in Nepal

  • Sikles  Village Tour

                 Sikles village tour takes you on a remarkable journey located around the Annapurna region on the western side of Nepal.  Starting from Pokhara it is a 5 hours jeep ride to Sikles Village. On the way, you can find breathtaking views of Annapurna, Machapuchre (Fishtail), Dhaulagiri ranges. You can also find terraced farms with rice, buckwheat, maize, and other vegetables.

The height of Sikles Village is 2800m from sea level.  Inhabited by Gurung Community, Sikles village has developed itself to one of the popular destinations for Village tourism in Nepal.

Sikles village has made itself an example of a Nepal Village tour.  The community itself has worked together to make the village a tourism destination . It has been able to do so by promoting its hospitality, language, tradition, and culture.

A local museum provides the history of the place and about the ancestors.  During the Tour of Sikles village, one can get immersed into the lifestyle by dressing like them, eating and drinking local foods and beverages.

Ghalegaun Village Tour

Another magnificent touristic destination in Nepal, located in the Annapurna area of Nepal. It is located in Lamjung District with an altitude of around 2100m. Possible to visit during the Annapurna Base Camp trek or just the tour of Ghalegaun village. Ghalegaun village is made of a cluster of more than 100 local settlement homes. 

Due to the popularity of the place, it has turned many of the homes into homestays to promote local development.  Rather than lucrative hotels and restaurants, this  Ghalegaun homestay Village tour  has been a Leading self-sustaining model village tourism destination.

Some of the other popular village tourism destinations of Nepal are:

Bandipur Village Tour

Bandipur is a local settlement in the western part of Nepal. The village is a hilltop settlement due to its preservation of traditional and cultural beauty. It is located 143 km from Kathmandu and 80 km from Pokhara. 

The village offers epic landscape and snowy peak views. The ancient art and architecture mixed with rich and local foods provide a wonderful touring opportunity for both domestic and international travelers.

  • Sirubari Village Tour

Sirubari Village is located in the Syanjga district of Nepal with an altitude of 1700m. It is 26km from Pokhara. This village is famous as there are multiple castes and multiple religions staying together as one community

Life Himalaya Trekking also organizes village to village tours using jeep tours in Nepal packages. You can visit multiple homestay villages of Nepal to experience variations in the lifestyle.

New Village tourism destination of Nepal.

  • Kuri Village Tourism

Located close to Kathmandu, Kuri village is accessible by road in 9-10 hrs. It is situated on the lap of the holy and mighty Ganesh Himal Range. Recently developed as the homestay destination in Nepal. 

Aided by our sister company Ganesh Himal Community Foundation and local government it is believed to be one of the upcoming popular destinations for village tourism.

  • Chepang Village Tourism

The ethnicity of Chepang communities and their unique lifestyle is curious for many people around the world. The nomadic lifestyle of Chepang and their own rites and ritual can be observed during this tour of Chepang village. There are multiple places where Chepang communities exist. During this Chepang Village tour, you can observe the raw and original culture and traditions of Chepang communities.

There are many blogs similar to this providing information about tourism in Nepal. Feel free to visit this blog and inquire about planning your trip to the Himalayas of Nepal with Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.


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