Tips for better Everest Base Camp trekking or high altitude trekking

Everest, The world highest mountain and a dream destination for Trekking enthusiast. The majesty, Breathtaking views of mountains, spectacular landscapes of the mountain with beautiful valleys surrounded by the snow-capped small and huge mountains are the main attraction of this Everest Trekking. Following the footprints of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay till Base Camp is really a lifetime experience. Everest Trekking does not only includes the Everest Base Camp trekking. There are several trekking routes and way of trekking in Everest.

Firstly let’s talk about how you can make a better Everest trekking than other people?

For Trekking in Everest, You have multiple choices on a package that what kind of package you are taking. For instance, Life Himalaya trekking offers 4 different packages for the Everest trekking in different ways. Budget, standard, short helicopter return trek, and all-inclusive EBC trekking package. In the budget, you might have a low cost but the services will also like and that only includes your accommodation and breakfast not more than that. In the budget, the equipment is also not included.

Whereas, in another standard package we have included all the necessary things for the trekking like permits, equipment, breakfast lunch, Dinner, Accommodation and also there is the add on services for which you have pay extra as per the trekking and number of people.

Entering in to Namche Bazaar

Helicopter return back from EBC to Lukla or to Kathmandu in this shortest trek package you will save many days and don’t need to trek same way back and you can have a birds eye panoramic views from a helicopter and closest scenery of the Himalaya.

In the premium package of Everest and any other trekking once you have paid you don’t have to worry about anything that means it includes everything after you arrive in Nepal. Premium Trekking package is also a very and most luxurious package available till date. In this package, it includes all the 5 stars hotel where available and the most luxurious lodge available in Mountains.

In Addition, Life Himalaya offers the trekking as per the requirement of the trekkers. So the choice is yours for making a better Everest trekking and any other trekking in Nepal. Most people choose the full package for the standard and some of them choose premium trekking package in Nepal.

View of Pherice from Thukla

There are few things that must be followed by every trekker for every trekking in Everest or all over Nepal (in high altitude).

Physical preparation

Off course you need a full physical fitness for Everest Base Camp trekking or any high altitude trekking. So before starting an Everest trekking please be sure that you are physically fit and can walk like 6-7 hours slow and gradually per day. And yeah you must have very good health for sure.

Psychological preparation

During high altitude trekking, the psychology must be strong. You must have set your goal to the destination keeping mind that “yes, I can do it”.  Some people cannot make it and they say it’s hard or and no one can do. But for the trekking, everyone with good health and strong psychology can do it with not a single issue. So for Everest Trekking, you must be motivated by yourself and have very positive thinking towards the trekking in Nepal. Stay Motivated, Stay focused, be positive.

Take the right gear

The most important thing during the trekking is the choice of the gears that you need. Research on what kind of gears are needed for Everest Base Camp or any other trekking in Everest. You can also check a list here for choosing gears. Gears for Trekking in Everest or any high altitude trek in Nepal.

Choose the Experienced local Guide

You are on a trekking holiday, you are Nepal for adventure with gaining knowledge of Everest, and the Sherpa history. First, you have to be careful about choosing a guide. So, the question is how to know who is the best guide?

First things first, Before starting a trek confirm that he is a licensed holder guide from the government of Nepal. Do not go for the freelancing guides and always take a guide from a registered company cause if something happens bad then the company will be responsible for all behavior of the guide.  

The second thing is an inquiry about the experience and knowledge about the guide with the company. And it is always the best idea to hire a local guide cause he knows more than the other guides.

Look up for the Best Company (not big company)

Choosing a company is a big mess. There are thousands of trekking companies in Nepal. Then the big questions stand, how to choose the best company and how to know that they are the best company for trekking.

Firstly, Go for the reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, etc. Check all the reviews. Some people believe that trekking with a big company will be much better than a smaller one. They are right but the truth when there is a huge amount of guest they cannot follow one by one. So It’s better to trek with the small company who have specialized in some region. For instance, Life Himalaya Trekking only operates in an Everest Region with following every trekker throughout the whole trek. So we are specialist for the Everest Trekking with Helicopter return trek to Kathmandu from Gorakshep.  

So, before choosing a company go for, reviews, legal documents (are those up to date ? ). If you are going to Everest fo for the specialist of Everest and go for only those who operated only in the Everest region.

Talk to Expert

There are various questions arises when you have to travel to a new place and you knew nothing about that place. So in such case, it’s a very good idea to talk with the experts who are in that place and can give you the whole information. Life Himalaya also has a service of expert advice for that you don’t have to book with us.

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