9 Things before going to Everest Base Camp

Trekking is an activity for freeing your soul from the daily busy schedule to a peaceful environment like mountains. Sometimes it’s more than just hiking around the peaceful environment. When people think of trekking in the Himalayas, they definitely think of the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest, and going to Everest Base Camp. 

Nepal is a country filled with natural and cultural diversity. The top 8 world’s highest mountains are in Nepal, among them Everest and Annapurna are the most frequently visited by trekkers. Everest trekking and Annapurna trekking are the top trekked region in Nepal. Despite the challenging trek, Everest Trekking is the dream destination of people and it’s the most visited region of Nepal Trekking. 

However, Everest Trekking has multiple routes and multiple destinations. For instance, Everest Base Camp Trekking, Gokyo Trekking, Three high passes trekking, and so on. Everest Base Camp Trek; is the most visited destination and it’s a great achievement for those who love to trek in the mountains. EBC trek had lots of visitors, and this trek is one of the crowded treks, being a crowded trek people choose other trekking like Gokyo lake trek because it’s less crowded trekking than EBC. 

View of Everest After Namche
Photo By: sebastian Pena lambarri

Everest Base Camp is one of the greatest achievements for trekkers and mountain lovers. And it can be done in many ways. Many companies are offering 14 days or 12 days but some people are dropping out of Everest base camp. Just because it takes a long day but they only had a very short holiday. Well, Life Himalaya is here for those who have a short holiday. We do organize only 7 days Everest Base Camp Trek. Is it possible? Yes, cause we will not descend the same way back that we ascend. We will have extra experience with helicopter return direct to  Kathmandu. Imagine in 7 days you’ll explore the whole Khumbu region, Sherpa, their daily lifestyle and return back with a helicopter which offers a birds-eye view of the astonishing mountains range. Life Himalaya trekking is here for every kind of trekking. 

In addition, as is the most popular trekking it has something that you must do before starting your trek. Here are a few lists that you should do during your Trekking to Everest or any high-altitude trekking. 

NOTE: If you are wondering about water, oxygen cylinder, unlimited wifi, unlimited hot water, staying in a most luxurious hotel, Chartered Helicopter then we have a premium Everest Base Camp trek. 

Beware of 9 things before going to Everest Base Camp

  1. Beware of cheap packages 
  2. Accommodation 
  3. Food and drink 
  4. Guides 
  5. Fake rescue 
  6. Travel agency 
  7. Transportation 
  8. Prepare for high altitude 
  9. Equipment 

1. Beware of cheap Packages:

Who does not want to travel in a cheap package? Buying cheap can save money for another destination. If you are a traveler then it’s the p[erfect idea. But what about the services? Some companies are too fraud, they offer you the very very cheapest price and when you are in up mountains, they make fake rescues. Their guide and porter are also not very experienced. Before choosing the cheapest package look for the history, and reviews regarding the Fake rescues, Guide and porter, and services.

2. Accommodation:

When you have a good sleep then you will have great health and freshness in the morning. And for that, all you need is very comfortable Accommodation. Be sure about your accommodation before joining Everest Base Camp Trek.


3. Food and Drink:

In Everest, you can get anything from the given menu like Pizza, burgers, Spegatteti, and more. But it’s quite Expensive than in the city. And one more thing does not have high expectation for the food. But all the provided foods are healthier. For drinks, you can get anything from mineral water to Alcohol. Might be a little expensive but that’s worth it.

Nepali Traditional cuisine

We recommend you have veg food and no alcohol after Namche. Cause it might make you unhealthy.

4. Guides:

What essential part of the travel? Is it a place or is it a guide? If your guide is inexperienced and has no idea about the place then does it really worth visiting those places without our knowing anything? So the guide plays the most important factor in your trekking. Make sure that your guide has a license, is Well trained in first aid, and had a long-term experience with knowledge about the Everest Region. It’s better to have a local guide rather than others.


5. Fake Rescue:

Rescue is very important for a person who is going to a high altitude and has an emergency. But Some times some companies are doing fake rescues just to claim money from the insurance company. Beware of that. Check the history of the company before booking with them. Some people did not make it up to the Everest Base Camp, due to fake rescues. The guide and company force you to have a rescue. In such time, Take your own decision, not there.

Bar graph of Rescues
By Nepal Times

6. Travel Agency:

Well, When you are here in Nepal. It’s far better to trek with the company. Cause once you paid they will arrange everything from your day-to-day accommodation to all government permits. Choose the perfect travel agency. Do not go for the big agencies because they cannot give time to each individual during trekking. So go with small companies so that you can be followed by the company on a daily basis regarding your health, accommodation, and food. If you do not like it, they will improve their services. But in big companies, they cannot follow every individual.

7. Transportation:

In Everest Trekking, We have few ground transportation than air. So for Starting Everest Trekking, generally people get a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Before starting your Everest trekking make sure that your transportation is fixed or pre-booked. Otherwise, it’s difficult to get a ticket. You have two options for air transportation, taking a helicopter or plane. Weather affects planes more than a helicopter, so it’s better to take a helicopter if you have a short holiday.

8. Prepare for high altitude (Mentally and physically):

Altitude sickness is not a joke. It can not be ignored cause altitude sickness might lead you to death. So take high altitude seriously. You need to carry out all the activities that prevent altitude sickness. For instance, Drink 3-5 ltr water per day, do not eat meat, do not drink alcohol, and many more. Find here detail and prevention ideas for Altitude sickness.

8. Equipment:

Check your all equipment twice, before moving to Everest Base Camp. It’s a word highest base camp, there will be some challenges you have to face against cold weather. Make sure you have enough warm jackets, trousers, suns cream, and other equipment. For detailed equipment, please visit here.

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