The biggest festival for Nepalese

Dashain is one of the most celebrated festivals by Nepalese People. Mostly Dashain is celebrated by Hindu people, but this is the Nepali national festival, every Nepali people celebrate Dashain in their own style. However, the Dashain is mainly celebrated by Hindu for 15 days. This is the longest, biggest and most exciting festival for Nepalese people. 

Dashain festival is 15 days long festival, which starts from the Ghatasthapana, the initial day of festival. On this day every Hindu household sows a handful barely, maze, and wheat seeds on a bed of sand and mud in pooja room which is a dark room. And there is one small lamp is lighted till the last day of Dashain. An older person of the house does all the puja activities in that room. There is a gap between Gathasthapana, to Fulpati. At this time people clean, and decorate their homes for the Dashain. They meet with their friends and family and spend time together. As the days passed, the seeds sprout into nice yellow leaves known as Jamara.

Jamara and Fulpati brought from Gorkha in Kathmandu Durbar Square

On the occasion of the Dashain, everyone who is far away from family comes home, they spend time together, spread love and kindness. This is the festival for the get-together, meeting family, friends who live far away, they come to celebrate the festival as well. This festival connects each and every Nepalese people all around the world.

As you enter before the Dashain in Kathmandu, you’ll spot houses with a goat in their yards. These all goats are for sacrifice on the 8th day of Dashain called Maha Ashtami. This day is one of the most controversial days in Dashain. you ‘ll see lots of the news against the sacrifice. Due to this, people started giving up their traditions and start offering other things instead of killing goats.

Getting ready for tika

In-depth, There are main 4 days which is the core part of the Dashain. All 4 days are called, Fulpati, Maha Ashtami, Navami, Vijaya Dashami respectively. On Fulpati, the pooja activity is long for the shake family and god (Nawadurga). Jamara from the Gorkha palace is bringing to Kathmandu Durbar Square and there will be a big crowd of people to celebrate this.

On the day of Maha Ashtami, people sacrifice goats, pigs, chicken on this day. People prepare delicious and variety of foods and eat together. Most of the Nepalese people eat beaten rice rather than boiled on the occasion of the Dashain. The ninth day of the Dashain is Mahanawami. The famous temple Taleju is open once a year that is the day of Mahanawami. This temple is located in Kathmandu Durbar Square. The military band plays war tunes and also they sacrifice the goat’s buffalos to this temple. 8fa583e8 743e 4ef0 817d aecaf56dc5fb 1

The 10th day of the Dashain is main the main day and called Bijaya Dashami. All the relatives gather together and put TIka on the forehead as blessings. It is made up by mixing the red color (Simrik national color), uncooked rice, curd. People get tika from all elder people. People believe that taking a Tika from elder and blessing will encourage, motivate and helps to get a better future event. 

Can foreign people participate?

Everyone is welcomed in the Dashain festival, not only the Nepalese people celebrate this. For many years, foreigners are willing to celebrate this with Nepalese people. If you would like to be a part of this biggest festival you should be here in Nepal Before Fulpati (5th October this year). 

In the season of Dashain, there are other festivals as well, in which you could participate in one visit. Tihar (Festival of Lights), Mani Rimdu festival are other major festivals in Nepal. Dasain and Tihar are celebrated by all Nepalese but Mani Rimdu is mostly celebrated by the Himalayan People.