On arrival Visa Procedure to Travel to Nepal 

Nepal is a center for all the trekkers and mountaineers around the world.  But, before that people should be aware of on arrival visa procedure to travel to Nepal. Thousands of wanderers visit Nepal to spend some time in the Himalayan regions. So, to get out of the trouble during the visit you must know how visas work in Nepal. Here, in this blog, we will give you the necessary information about On arrival visa procedure to travel to Nepal. 

It is very easy and quick to get the “On arrival visa” procedure in Nepal. However, during peak season you may have to wait a bit in the queue. But, you can get a visa from the Nepalese Diplomatic Missions station by skipping the queue at the airport. The choice is yours from where to get it. 

There is a different procedure when you get the visa from the Nepalese Diplomatic Mission. You must enter Nepal within 6 months from the date of issue. 

“On Arrival Visa” is a tourist Visa. Nepal Tourist Visa is simply an approval to enter Nepal for tourism purposes. It is the only entry visa to Nepal. When you travel to Nepal for different kinds of tourism activities then you must get this visa. But, if you traveling for other than tourism purposes, you need to change the category. To change the categories and length of stay you must go to Immigration Department. 

How far is Immigration Department? 

If you have any problems regarding visa or visa extension then you can easily visit Immigration Department. From, Thamel it is just 20 minutes away by taxi. If you want to extend the length of your stay in Nepal then you have to visit Immigration Department. Also, if you have any questions regarding visas, Life Himalaya Trekking is always here to help you. 

The validity period for On arrival Visa

  • 15 Days 
  • 30 Days 
  • 90 Days

On arrival Visa Procedure to Travel to Nepal

First, to get any ideas about arrival visas and other details you need to go to Nepal’s Department of Immigration. Also, you can fill up some online forms for different kinds of visas. The limit of the arrival visa for tourists is 150 days. However, if you want to stay longer than this you need to extend the visa. If you want to extend your visa then you have to pay it according to your length of stay. For 15 days of length, you have to pay USD per day for a visa extension. Similarly, if you are late in a visa extension you have to pay USD 5 per day as a penalty. Also, USD 25 for a multiple re-entry facility. 

After arriving at the airport in Nepal, you need to follow these simple measures for Tourist Visa upon Arrival.

Steps of On arrival visa procedure to travel to Nepal:

  1. First Step:
  • Fill up the “Arrival Card”
  • You need to fill in the “Tourist Visa” form Online from the official website of the Immigration Department. When you fill in from the website, you will receive a submission receipt with a barcode. After then, you have to print that barcode and bring it for your visa. 
  1. Second Step:
  • The second step is about payment. There are many kinds of payment methods. But, we suggest you carry some cash for the payment of Visa. You can pay the amount at the visa fees collection counter. 
  • Visa Fees: For 15 days it costs USD 30. Similarly, for 30 days it costs USD 50. Likewise, if you are staying for 90 days it costs USD 150. 


  1. Third Step:
  • Move towards the Desk of Immigration with your filled-up online form, receipt of payment, and your passport.
  • Hand over all your documents to the Immigration officer for further visa processing.

Is Free Visa Available? 

A free visa is available to those who are from SAARC nations for 30 days in one year. SAARC nations include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Only Indian citizens do not need a visa to get into Nepal. But, Indian citizens need some documents. One must bring one of the documents such as a passport, nationality, Government Identity card, Ration card, and election card. 

Documents for On arrival Visas

You don’t need large documents to apply for an “On Arrival visa” in Nepal. You simply have to bring a valid passport with other supporting documents (if necessary). Also, if you have any previous visas then it’s better to bring them along with you. 

Nowadays, you will get a recommendation letter from the hotel or your travel agency to get an On Arrival Visa. You simply need a COVID vaccine report, passport, and recommendation letter to get an On Arrival Visa. You will get the visa at Airport.

After you get an on-arrival visa, then you can start your trip to Nepal without any problem. Moreover, if you want to know about any tourism activities then you can contact Life Himalaya Trekking. We will do our best to make your holiday memorable from arrival to the departure of your trip. We are one of the popular traveling agencies in Nepal.