Nepal Trekking with Volunteering Opportunities

Nepal is a famous trekking destination in the world, a beautiful country in south Asia with world highest peaks and several mountains along with different variety of trekking routes.

Everest, Annapurna and Langtang are the famous trekking and climbing destination in Nepal and in the world. In the context of Nepal we have lots of potentiality in adventure tourism activities along with jungle tour, Sightseeing and pilgrimage tour.

Life Himalaya trekking is one of the famous and reputed trekking agency in Nepal run by the tourism professional to provide a tourism service all around Nepal. One can book their Nepalese holiday with Life Himalaya trekking to make their holiday memorable and interesting with quality services.

Life Himalaya Trekking Agency is not only a profit motive agency because some amount from the booking of your trips will be deposited or transfer to account of Ganesh Himal Community Foundation for the development of lifestyle and education of People in the rural village of Nepal.

Trekking is a fun activity for refreshment with the nature far from the city area but during trekking if you could get a chance to volunteer in the rural villages then it would be golden rings with diamonds.

Human beings are social animal and like to live their life just by travelling new places, getting new ideas, helping other and preserving the natural environment. So, after the complete study of the trekkers and travelers Life Himalaya Trekking Company come to a point to provide volunteering opportunities for the interested trekker in the rural area of Nepal.

We will organize a volunteer treks and tours in those places of Nepal where our guest want to do volunteer activities with enjoying to nature.

Find some info about Volunteering and Trekking in the Ganesh Himal here.

Ganesh Himal Community foundation is the helping hands from the Life Himalaya Trekking to the people from the rural villages in Nepal. We are helping and supporting people from the rural areas to develop their education, life style and earning by providing different kind of skill to people. Mostly the travelers and trekkers want to interact with local people during their holiday so; Life Himalaya Trekking is the option for those types of trekkers for trekking with volunteering activities in all parts of Nepal.