Lukla Everest Flight facts

Everest base camp, an experience of a lifetime, an excellent journey for adventure and high mountain lovers. If you are looking for something new, and unique way to spend your leisure time then these trekking in the Everest region should be on your bucket list. Far from the Cars, daily luxuries and crowd, your spirit will be saturated in the natural beauty and offers you a different lifestyle than you could think of. In addition, Everest Base camp Trekking is listed as “places you should visit”, prepared by a lonely planet.  However, before starting an Everest region trek, there exist few things or Everest flight facts that you must know regarding the domestic to one of the world’s airports, Tenzing Hillary Airport. Here, you’ll find all the Lukla Everest flight facts. 

Facts about Lukla Everest Flight includes all the necessary information about the domestic flights and Helicopter flights that are available to fly Everest. If you are planning to trek to the world’s one of the gem of adventure, then you must know about these things. 

Everest Trekking in Helicopter  Vs Domestic flights

So, let’s grab some advantages of Helicopter Trek for Everest. It’s Expensive than that of the normal flight to Everest. But this trip will give you lots of security like your health and make sure that you’ll not lose your international flight home. So how it will help with health?  After Achieving Everest Base Camp and Kalapathar destination, your body will be tired and you had already seen the surroundings while coming up. But why to waste time by descending the same way back down? You might get some health problems if you have the option available to fly out from the Base Camp? Why not have some extra experience? The helicopter has more visibility than domestic flights. So, Helicopter trek makes sure of your home on time. It does not mean domestic flights are bad, but due to unpredicted weather conditions, helicopters are more recommended. 

Alternative and Best Way to Start Everest Trekking is Helicopter flight
Stopped for Refueling

Weather About Lukla Airport (Do not Travel if you have limited time ). 

About the Weather in Lukla is depended upon the season. In Starting of the year, January to March only a few flights are able to land at Lukla. But flying with is quite easy and can be done (not all day long, only when the weather is clear). June to mid-September is also hard to get a flight to Lukla Airport even if you want to fly with a helicopter. 

Best Time of the year for the Everest

The best time for Everest has a two-time span. From Mid-September to mid-December and Mid-March t0o Mid-May. These two-time spans are the best and perfect to trek, fly to Everest. On this season time, there is less chance of the bad weather otherwise, on this time period you’ll get the best lifetime experience of Everest. However, Sometime the exception problems might occur, which is beyond the control of the company. 

The mentioned time of the year is the best on the aspect of the cultural experience as well. This time of the year, We Nepalese have lots of the Festivals and ritual activities that we will celebrate together with all Nepali.  At this time the weather is so clear that every step you move the route offers you a breathtaking view of the mountains and beautiful landscapes. 

Cost for Helicopter and Domestic Flight to Lukla 

Cost for the domestic flights is changed but not frequently like helicopters. The price for tickets is varied on the season of the year. But in the case of the Helicopter, The price might change per day or due to the weather. If Weather is bad, or scarcity of helicopter is on everest then the price will increase. So, there is no fixed price for the Helicopter. Here are the normal rate for the Helicopter and Domestic Flights 

Cost Detail For Helicopter flight to Everest: 

Kathmandu to Lukla (Vice-Versa):  300-500 USD* per person Sharing Basis 

Kathmandu to Lukla (Vice-Versa):  2500 -3000 USD* Chartered.

You do not need to take any kind of flight to achieve your dream destination of Everest. 

YES !!!! There are other options available for trekking into the Everest. One is following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Which starts from Jiri. It takes a long holiday but you do not have to worry about the flights. Even you can explore more cultures, tradition and living styles of the countryside of Nepal. Another one starts from the Salleri, you drive from Kathmandu to Salleri and Strats from there. So, If you have a long holiday you do not need to get tensed about the flight and all that stuffs. 

Helicopter Packages: 

  1. Everest Base Camp 7 days Helicopter Trek 
  2. Annapurna Base camp Helicopter Trek 
  3. Everest Base Camp 8 days Trek 
  4. Everest Base Camp 9 days Trek 
  5. Other Everest Helicopter Trek 
  6. Helicopter Tour in Nepal 

Everest Trekking without Flight : 

  1. Jiri To Everest Base Camp Trek (Classical Trek of 20-24 Days)
  2. Salleri To Everest Base camp Trekking 

*Price for the Helicopter depends upon weather and season. The price may increase or decrease as per the time of the year. 

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