Latest COVID Guidelines for Visa in Nepal

Nepal has finally been opened to foreigners after many difficult protocols, quarantine rules, and restrictions.  The government of Nepal and the Immigration of Nepal made this decision on 10th March 2022. The  latest COVID guidelines for VISA in Nepal has been changed

The following are three main points issued by the Nepalese Government of Nepal.

  • Travelers or visitors arriving in Nepal from both land and air have to present a full COVID vaccination report.
  • Passengers who don’t have COVID vaccination reports have to present negative PCR test reports within 72 hours of time in Nepal
  • Travel agencies or hotels should provide the name and address of the hotels. The details should be provided in the airport while arriving in Nepal
  • The international airlines have to inform the passengers about the COVID restriction in the destination country while returning from Nepal
  • The government of Nepal revoked all the previous protocols and restrictions from the day of this document’s publication.

Life Himalaya follows all these latest COVID guidelines for VISA in Nepal issued by the Government of Nepal.

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