How to trek Everest Base Camp Successfully?

“How to trek Everest Base Camp Successfully?” A common question we receive by many travel enthusiasts who want to trek to Everest Base Camp. Reaching Everest Base Camp is not a common feat. Reaching the base of the world’s highest peak is one of the most decorated adventure activities in the present context of traveling.

In such a scenario, a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration while undertaking the “once in a lifetime experience.”

Here, Life Himalaya Trekking has answered this important question that will help everyone searching for the answer. We have taken assistance from experienced travel operators, local people and experienced guides who have been working in Everest Region with Life Himalaya trekking for at least 01 or 02 decades.

So here are the key points to answer ,

How to trek Everest Base Camp Successfully?

Local Trekking Agency/Operator.

After 2023, the government of Nepal has decided a rule where taking a guide / or using a tour operator has been made mandatory. There are thousands of agencies and companies that promise to take you to Everest Base Camp. However hundreds of them are not registered with the government, have no experience of trekking and no /less knowledge about how to trek Everest Base Camp Successfully.

That is where we come in, we are Everest Trekking Specialists with 26 years of experience. We are government registered and members of TAAN ( Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal), NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) NTB (Nepal Tourism Board) and all the necessary organizations.

Our Managing Director, Mr Shiba Hari Rijal has been to Everest Base Camp at least 50 times himself. He has ample knowledge of the region, with all the experience and details. At the team briefing before the trek begins, he will share all the important information that is required to successfully reach Everest Base Camp.

How to trek Everest Base Camp Successfully


Every company has Everest Trekking Packages developed according to their will with different prices, itineraries and services. Choosing the best package should be a top priority. Price range for Everest Base Camp is around 900 USD- 4000 USD or more. Even though the itinerary is mostly the same, the service and quality is unmatched.

By knowing just the itinerary it is hard to determine whether it will be enough to successfully reach EBC.

Our Local company Life Himalaya will provide detailed cost inclusions and exclusions along with the itinerary. We will also inform you of the names of the accommodation we use, guide name and detailed service of the package to ensure you are comfortable.

Trekking to Everest base camp should be challenging, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

We value our customers time and money. We respect their endeavors and will provide the best value for money services , accommodation and essential services as possible.

Accommodation and Food.

EBC and ABC Trek Accommodation

There are different accommodations available in Everest trekking routes. From basic to Himalayan Luxury chain hotels including Yeti Mountain Home, Everest Summit lodge, Everest View Hotel.

Life Himalaya provides choice of all the lodges and accommodation. You can customize any package to include the accommodation you desire. Any trek can be customized to include luxury accommodation as well.

We will provide food from the lodge menu. The breakfast and dinner will be in the same lodge where we stay overnight and lunch will be on the way. You can choose any of your preferred items from the menu provided by the lodge.

We recommend a vegetarian diet for the trek as most meat products are exported from the lower region as most people are Buddhist in the Everest region they don’t kill or cut meat. So, the storage of meat may not be as hygienic. So, we recommend veg food items.

In luxury packages, we include soft beverages , drinking water, hot water , hot water shower as well. These can be custom added on into normal and classical trekking packages as well.

Acclimatization Days

Acclimatization days can be a total game changer while it comes to successfully trek to Everest Base Camp. At Least one or two acclimatization days is recommended for the normal itinerary for Everest Base Camp.

Our classical itinerary have proper acclimatization days and follows the principle of climb high and sleep low. These acclimatization days help the body to adjust with the climate, weather and temperature of the region. Your oxygen level and pulse are both dependent on the rest and proper adjustment of the body with the high altitude.

Every package offered by Life Himalaya is flexible to customize and add acclimatization days as per need. We can change the itinerary even during the trek if you feel like you need a extra day for proper maintenance of the body.

Everest Helicopter Trek

Lukla is considered the gateway to Everest. Due to its high elevation, the weather changes rapidly in the matter of minutes. In such a context people have to wait for more than 2 days just to get to Lukla or back from Lukla to Kathmandu.

Helicopter trek ensures flight even in conditions where normal airplanes can’t fly. The hassle for Kathmandu-Lukla and Lukla-Kathmandu flight will be taken care of and you can enjoy your trekking properly.

For guests with short holiday time for example 5-10 days can also complete the Everest Base Camp Trek successfully.

To ensure full comfort and luxury during Everest Base Camp, our Life Himalaya Trekking offers Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek. This trek offers best services, food and accommodation, the Everest region has to offer including one of the highest luxury hotel Everest View Hotel.

This trek can also be customized to have Helicopter trekking just like our 09 days Premium Everest base Camp Trek.