Mardi Himal Trek Cost and Itinerary

Mardi Himal Trek is short, exciting, and filled with incredible views of the mountains. This trekking offers you an up-close view of the Annapurna range and Mt. Fishtail. It takes you on a journey into the mountains through dense forests and lush vegetation.

This trek is ideal for those who want to have the best trekking experience in a short itinerary. This trek is ideal for those who have a limited budget but still want to experience the Himalayas. This trek is ideal for those who like traveling in a less crowded area.

Mardi Himal Trek has recently become mainstream. Hence, it is not an expensive trek like the other mainstream mountain treks. The Mardi Himal Trek cost for Nepalese is lower as compared to those with tourists. One can complete this trek for about $400 to $1000.

The Mardi Himal Trek cost depends on your travel routine. It depends on how you travel, eat, and where you stay. But most of all, the Mardi Himal Trek cost depends on who you choose to organize this trek for you.

This article talks about the factors affecting and increasing the Mardi Himal Trek cost. I am also talking about costs for a solo traveler, traveling in a group, and the perks of entrusting us with everything.

Mardi Himal Trek 5 Days

Highlights of Mardi Himal Trek

  • Magnificent view of Mount Fishtail, Hiuchuli, Annapurna south and Manasalu
  • Short trek with tons to offer
  • Experience the traditional lifestyle of the local people
  • Experience Beautiful sunrise and sunset
  • Hike across dense forest and above the clouds
  • Experience local dishes made from Yak products
  • Less crowded trekking route

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Why Book this Trek with us?

Yes, solo trekking to Mardi is possible and doable. You can even optimize your cost by avoiding many things and minimizing your itinerary. Still, I suggest you book this trek with us.

Here’s why!


The Mardi Himal trekking route gets crowded in the trekking seasons, and finding good accommodation becomes difficult. You might have to pay the same amount but sleep in an uncomfortable manner.

But with us, you do not need to worry about searching or bookings for accommodation. We will take care of everything, and provide you with the best services possible throughout your travel.

TIMS and Permits

Getting TIMS and the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit can be troublesome. The National Tourism Board office tends to get busier in trekking seasons. Hence, we will do it for you.

Trekking Guide and Porter

Yes, we provide you with a trekking guide and porter for your journey. Our team includes experienced and licensed trekking guides.

They will be by your side throughout the trek, and they know the best places for an awesome photograph.

We cover their expenses and salary, so you do not need to worry about that as well.

Our Offer

We provide you with a high-quality down jacket and a sleeping bag. These are to be returned once your journey is completed.

We also provide a first aid kit, which includes all the required kits for trekking.

We do not charge a lot of money, since our primary goal is to serve our guests. We want you to have the best time of your life in such a beautiful place. We want you to have a beautiful stay under our hospitality, and without any worries or complications.

mardi himal trek

Factors Affecting Mardi Himal Trek Cost

As I have mentioned earlier, there are lots of factors that affect the Mardi Himal Trek cost. There are some primary factors, which can be optimized but cannot be avoided. And there are some secondary factors, which can be avoided as well.

First, let us talk about the primary factors for the Mardi Himal Trek cost.

Permits and Entry Fees

The Mardi Himal Trekking route lies in the Annapurna Conservation Area. The Mardi Himal Trek route from Pokhara is the most practical way to reach Mardi Himal. Hence you need a permit to enter this area, plus you need a TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System) card as well.

The ACAP fee is Nrs. 3000 (approx $30) for people from non-SAARC countries. For tourists from SAARC countries, you need to pay Nrs. 1000 ($10). You will need to pay Nrs. 1000 ($10) for the TIMS card.

You can get the permit and TIMS card at the Nepal tourism board office in Kathmandu. Or you can get these in Pokhara as well.

But, you do not need to worry about the permit and TIMS if you book this trek with us. Our team will handle them for you.

Transportation cost

Transportation cost depends on how you get to Kande. There are many options to get to Kande from Kathmandu. You can travel to Pokhara by bus, 4wd, or by air.

On average, a tourist bus charges around 10$ from Kathmandu to Pokhara. (note: there are expensive luxury buses as well charging, up to 25$).

Flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara might cost you well over $100 in trekking seasons. Then you can take a bus from Pokhara to Kande which will cost you around $2.

You have another option of catching a direct bus from Kathmandu to Kande, which can be less comfortable but a better way to save some cash. It will cost you up to $10 max.

Foods and accommodations

You will pay more for food than for accommodations during your trek to Mardi Himal. The cost of food changes as you gain altitude. You will pay much more for the same food at higher altitudes than in lower regions. As everything needs to be carried or flown into these regions, the prices tend to get higher.

Dal Bhat is the primary food found during your trek to Mardi. You have other options for food as well. You will get pasta, fried rice, noodles, and pizzas in some places. It might cost you $3 to $7 for a meal.

Accommodations are cheap in these regions. It will not cost you more than $5 for a hotbed and enough blankets.

Water becomes expensive in trekking. Since it is the most important, there is no other option than to buy water once you reach higher altitudes.

There are some sources of water until you reach the High camp, but one cannot tell if the water is pure or not. A Litre of boiled water can cost you up to $2.

Trekking guide and porter

Even though Mardi is a short trek, one can easily get confused with the trekking route. This trekking route to Mardi Himal takes you through dense forests, and you may lose your way. I recommend taking a guide with you if you are a solo traveler or in a group.

Taking a trekking guide will cost you around $20 per day. And a porter might cost you around $20 per day as well. But the cost of your porter depends on your luggage, so it can be optimized.

Also, a trekking guide might get some discount for you regarding accommodations and secondary expenses.

Packing and luggage

There is no doubt to the fact that your bags and luggage have a huge impact on your travel. You must always pack light. Yes, you must pack everything you need, but never overpack your bags. It might cost you more than you think.

You will find all the required gear for trekking in Kathmandu or Pokhara. You will find great stuff at reasonable prices, and if you can bargain, you might even hit the jackpot. Also, your packing can decrease the cost of your porter, or avoid it entirely. So, always pack wisely.

Trekking Duration

Depending on your time and schedule, the total duration of the Mardi Himal Trek can be optimized. Your expenses increase with the increment of your trekking duration. You will pay more for your trekking guide, porter, food, and accommodations.

Other Mardi Himal Trek Cost

Besides the above-mentioned expenses, you must be prepared for other expenses as well.

Insurance cost

I always suggest trekkers get health insurance. The Mardi Himal Trek takes you to remote places, where there are no proper roads or modes of transportation. Some health insurances cover an emergency flight from up to 6000m.

Charging Your Devices

Yes, charging your phone and cameras will cost you a significant amount of money during your trek. There are most places with electricity in the lower altitudes, but it’s not the same once you hit the higher altitudes.

An hour of charge can cost you up to $3.

A Hot Shower

Water is not something you will find very often in Mardi. And there are zero sources of water in higher altitudes. If you need a hot shower in these regions, you have to pay for it.

Again, it is unlikely that you will take a shower at such a temperature.

Extended Duration

You would want to extend your stay around the mountains, but you have to be ready to pay more for situations like this. Any extension in your travel will significantly add to the Mardi Himal Trek cost.

Miscellaneous expenses

  • You might want to try local dishes involving Yak products. Doing so increases your expenses.
  • You would want to donate some money to the local schools or community.
  • Sometimes you would want to treat your porter and guide. You would even some amount as a gift for their help and effort on your journey.
mardi himal trek

How to Minimize the Mardi Himal Trek Cost

The Mardi Himal Trek does not cost a lot of money, but you can always minimize the cost. You can avoid some of the expenses. Here are some tips to minimize the Mardi Trek cost.

  • Travel in a group instead of traveling solo. Traveling in a group is the best way to reduce your expenses. You will pay less for the tour guide, and you will get discounts on Accommodation and transportation in a group.
  • Make sure you pack the water-purifying tablets. You can fill your water bottle with tap water and purify them instead of buying water.
  • You should pack tea bags and coffee to reduce costs. This way you will only pay for hot water.
  • Always pack wisely. Make your bag as light as possible while including everything you need. Do not overpack. You will pay less for a porter, or avoid the porter expense if you pack well.
  • Make sure you carry a high-power portable power bank to charge your devices.
  • Make sure you eat every meal at the lodge you stay in. This way, you can get a heavy discount on accommodation.
  • Rent the trekking gear rather than buy your own. You can rent proper gear in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Basic tips for the Mardi Himal Trek

  • Keep an eye on the route marks. You will find these marks on a tree or stones.
  • Drink a lot of water. You don’t want to be dehydrated in the Himalayas.
  • Make sure you carry enough Nepali money in cash. There are no ATMs or cash machines on the trekking route.
  • Consult your doctor before heading off. Make sure you know enough about your body.
  • If you need any extra days for acclimatization, take them. Health is wealth.
  • Pack wise and light.


It does not cost much to visit such a beautiful place on earth. One cannot express the feeling of being surrounded by the mighty Himalayas amidst a hidden plateau and above the clouds.

You will sit on top of a viewpoint and the Annapurna range will be right in front of you. You will see Fishtail on your right and Mardi just in front of it.

Trekking is all about experience, beauty, and endurance. So, start saving money for your next trip to the Mardi Himal. I know you will not regret this decision. Plus, the Mardi Himal Trek cost is not too high, so it’s a win-win situation.

Book this trek with us, and have the best experience of trekking in Nepal.

Contact us if you need any information regarding the trek, we are happy to help.

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