Fishing in Nepal – Best Fishing and Rafting Tours in Nepal

Nepal has become the center of attention of many tourists for trekking and adventure traveling for some years now. But trekking is not for everyone and some of us just want to enjoy some cool water and have some fun.

If you are someone who is just searching for some time to cool off your steam in Nepal by enjoying some fishing and the river currents, you have come to the right place. Adventure fishing with rafting trips in Nepal provides you with just the right balance of relaxing and adventure.

Being the second richest country in water resources in the world, Nepal is blessed with many rivers with strong current and many species of fishes. You can enjoy yourselves in the cool running clear water as you wait for the fish to catch your bait, relaxing in the beautiful nature.

What’s more fun than fishing you say? Rafting in the river as you fight against the currents while also enjoying the flow of the current. The perfect balance of adrenaline rush and relaxation is guaranteed with the best adventure fishing in Nepal with rafting.


Best Adventure Fishing With Rafting Trips in Nepal

Trishuli River Fishing and Rafting

Trishuli River is famous among beginners for both rafting and fishing in Nepal. The river which lies at the bottom of Ganesh Himal provides you with a safe and beautiful rafting experience along with fishing opportunities.

Being close to Kathmandu, you can enjoy the Trishuli river fishing and rafting experience in a span of a day or two. If you do want a more detailed experience, you should take 5 days Trishuli River fishing itinerary.

Trishuli River provides you with safer rapids after the monsoon season for a safe but thrilling rafting session. Apart from the great rafting season, you can enjoy fishing while admiring the beautiful views of the Langtang Mountain.

Some of the popular catches during your fishing experience in the clear water of Trishuli River are Golden Mahseer, Trout, and River Eel.

Bhudigandaki River Fishing and Rafting

Another great fishing and rafting destination in Nepal is the infamous Budhigandaki River. This river is connected to the Trishuli River through its streams but it is farther away from the city of Kathmandu. Located at around 4 days distance from both the tourist hubs, Kathmandu and Pokhara, Budhigandaki is a beauty.

The Budhigandaki River provides you with a unique remote atmosphere for rafting and fishing. It is not the most explored one so it is peaceful for your fishing experience. Also, the rafting experience is not only about the thrill and adrenaline rush in this case. The rafting experience takes you through the routes and currents discovering hidden mountains and places.

Apart from the rafting experience being a treasure hunt for beautiful unexplored mountains, the fishing experience in this river is also unique. As it is remote you get to enjoy the fishing experience peacefully while admiring the beautiful mountain range views.

During your beautiful and peaceful fishing experience in the Budhigandaki River, you will find many fish like the Mahaseer, Catfish, Snow Trout, and the Freshwater Eel.

Balephi River Fishing

Balephi River is one of the tributaries of Bhote Koshi which is 17 km long. The river is narrow but has great rapids suitable for rafting as well as fishing. Starting from Langtang, the Balephi River provides you with great views of the Langtang mountain range along with other mountains.

Unlike the above fishing trips, it is short and sweet fishing and rafting trip of a single day or 2 days. The months of October to November attracts many people for fishing and rafting.

On your way to Balephi River Fishing, you will find some local settlements and small villages. You can visit these places on your way.

Your rafting experience starts at a stop called Chanaute while fishing is possible at every point of the beautiful river. Your fishing and rafting adventure at Balephi River starts with your drive from Kathmandu to Balephi. You will cross many popular spots for fishing along the way. Spending overnight at the Balephi campsite, you will enjoy your fishing the next day. Also, you can enjoy fresh fish caught in the campsite.

Karnali River Fishing

Karnali River Fishing is one of the longest fishing and rafting trip among all in Nepal. Being a large river, the Karnali River Fishing and Rafting lasts a long time. In this  Karnali Fishing and Rafting expedition, you get to experience rafting and fishing in various different parts of the Karnali River and different stops.

The starting point of your fishing adventure is Karnali Beach where you will enjoy your fishing and camping experience. You can raft from the campsite towards the Jungle Ghat. you will continue your fishing and camping experience in the remote area. The next adventure is a thrilling rafting experience to Seti – Karnali confluence.

We shall fish at the confluence point and finally raft to Thuli Ghat and end our fishing and rafting trip at Bheri Confluence near Chisapani.

Sunkoshi River Fishing and Rafting

Another popular adventure fishing with rafting trip in Nepal is the Sunkoshi River Fishing and Rafting Adventure. This is a fun fishing and rafting experience with beautiful stops on the way.

This river got its name ‘River of Gold’ from the tiny quantity of gold found panned in the sands of the river. You can find fishes like Snow Trout, Catfish, Mahaseer, etc.

The Sunkoshi River Fishing starts as a fun and scenic drive through Dolalghat leading to an adventurous thrilling rafting experience through Lubughat. The trip then takes you to Sunkoshi River for an eccentric fishing experience. You can then enjoy your fishing and rafting experience towards Seleghat where you will end your fishing experience and return to Kathmandu via Dhulikhel.

Tamur River Fishing and Rafting

Tamur river fishing is a distant fishing and rafting experience from Kathmandu as you will have to travel quite a distance to enjoy the true Tamur fishing and rafting experience.

However, once reaching the Tamur River, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the current and the thrilling rafting experience. The camping site is just as beautiful. All the stops provide you with the best views and the fishing and rafting experience during this Tamur River fishing and rafting experience.

You get to see fish like the common and Grass Carp, Silver Trout along with Mahaseer in the Tamur River while fishing.

Basic gear requirements

Adventure fishing with a rafting trip sounds like a lot of fun. Wondering what gears you should have at hand in order to get the best out of this trip? Well, we have put together a list of basic gear that you will require for adventure fishing with a rafting trip in Nepal.

Fishing gears

  • Fly Rods
  • Spinning Reel (ultralight spinning reel is recommended)
  • Fishing vest
  • Polarized sunglasses (check these fishing sunglasses under $100)
  • Flies

Rafting gears

  • Waterproof jackets
  • Swimming costume
  • Sunscreen with at least SPF 15
  • Spare glasses in case you wear contacts
  • Sleeping bag
  • Running shoes so they don’t come off on the raft


  • Tshirts
  • Shorts
  • Long pants and shirts
  • Light jacket
  • Underwear
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm clothing if you are traveling in cold weather
  • River sandals and comfortable footwear

With proper preparation of the above basic gears, you can have a successful and fun adventure fishing with rafting trip experience in Nepal. If you don’t have any gears for fishing or rafting you can always rent the gear from the company itself. You don’t have to worry about your safety during the rafting experience as our team will be on their lookout for your safe experience. We hope you have a great safe yet thrilling experience of the rafting trip along with calm and satisfying fishing experience in these hotspots in Nepal.


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