FAQ’s for 9 day Everest base camp

9 days Everest base camp trek is unique first package lunched by Life Himalaya Trekking. We brought this package for those who is willing to visit Everest base camp but having a short holiday. On this short package to Everest base camp we start trek and fly from the base camp. We will walk for 5 days rest and acclimatization for 2 days during trek.
We have launched a very quick and efficient way to reach you dream destination. So we have facing lots of the questioned as follows. This is the frequently asked question by our client.

  1. Why Everest base camp Trek 9 days?
    As we all know Everest is the world highest mountain. Every trekkers wants to be once in Everest base camp through having adventurous walk in the lap of world highest mountain. Life Himalaya brought this package because this is the quickest way to reach Everest base camp. If you have not much days then you can choose our 9 days base camp Trek, if you got more time then you can enjoy the other trips, treks, in Nepal. Nine days trek to Everest is less risky than any other long packages. You can enjoy Scenic helicopter flight with the thrilling walk to Everest.
    “Time is money, Time is everything” Book 9 days Everest base camp, save your precious Time!!!
  2. Do I make it up to the Everest Base Camp?                                                                                                            We cannot guarantee it’s up to you because if you got sick before reaching Everest base camp we can’t risk your life. But in this trek there is less chance of got sick during the trek. On this trip you’ll immediately fly to Lukla at the low altitude after reaching at EBC. So less chance of get sick.
  3. How hard nine days Everest base camp?                                                                                                            On this trip you have to walk for a 5 days and 2 days for the acclimatization. We walk 5-6 hours per day slowly towards base camp.  Due to the low altitude it will little bit hard to walk but not much. It is moderate type of trek. After achieving our destination we will fly back so it is easier than any other trekking.
  4. This is a unique package. How many groups/ people booked this trip? Are they successfully make it up to Everest base camp?
    We successfully operate more than 10 big groups on this packages. There are also lot of booking for future. All of our trekkers are fully satisfied and all of them make it up to the Everest base camp.
  5. Is there any discount of cost?
    Off course there is discount. If your group have more than 10 trekkers then you’ll get discount.
  6. Will you provide the services that is mentioned?
    Our main aim to fulfill all the requirement that is needed by the trekkers. We will provide all available services in the mountain as we promise.
  7. Is there any possibilities to reach faster than 9 days?
    Yes off course!! You can reach in just 7 days but it will be more complex. But if you have already been in the high altitude then it will be easier. But does not matter if you do not have experience.