Exotic Nepal Holiday

Nepal is a small but beautiful country and one of the best destination for exotic holiday tours. Nepal is a landlocked country surrounded on three sides by India and one side by China in the North with an area of 147181sq km. The country is naturally gifted with the three ecological region i.e. Terai region, Hilly region and the Himalayan region, these all ecological region have different climates and land structure is also different from each other.

Beside of being a small nation, there are 10 places that are listed in World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, that’s why Nepal is the best destination in the south Asia for spending a holiday.

The three regions of Nepal have their own status and value in supporting the tourism industries of Nepal.

Himalayan region:


The region above 3000m in the north part of nations bordering with Tibet and have a cold climate with heavy snowfall in winter. Himalayan region of Nepal covered 1310 peaks above 5,500m and eight peaks above 8000m including world highest Everest 8,848m. Mostly the Sherpa people live in this region and Tiji, Mani Rimdu, Lhoshar and Dumze are the well practiced festival in this area. Lots of monasteries, high hills, peaks, glacier and moraine are the attraction for the traveler in this area. Sagarmatha National Park, Mustang, Langtang, Dolpa is the major tourist attraction in this area with all the trekking routes in Nepal.

Hilly region:


Hilly region of Nepal has the moderate climate and is between the Himalayan and Terai region. The region is neither too cold and not too hot within an altitude of 700m to 3000m above from sea level. Hilly region of Nepal posses lots of tourism activity as the Kathmandu and Pokhara are the best spot in Nepal and this lies in hilly regions. The region is rich in culture and is naturally gifted. Huge number of peoples lives in this region with different caste group and the culture and lifestyle of people also differ according to caste group. In Nepal mostly tourism entrepreneur is from this region with the support of people of other 2 region. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar square, Pasupatinath, Boudhanath and Swyambunath are the major attraction in this place along with Pokhara (a beautiful valley surrounded by the mountains and the entrance gate for the  whole Annapurna region).

Terai region:


Terai region in Nepal lies in the south part, closed to India and the climate of this region is also hot and warm. Terai region of Nepal lies till 700m from the sea level with flat and fertile land, so the Terai region of Nepal is known as the production house in Nepal which passes for growing agricultural products. Beside of being hot and warm the Chitwan National park and Lumbini (birth place of Lord Buddha) are the touristy place and lots of tourist from worlds visit these 2 places in their Nepal visits. Most the lifestyles of the people of this region are influenced from Indian life style so they have a similar culture and lifestyle as Indian people.

So these are the 3 ecological regions of Nepal, where the climate, geography, culture and lifestyle of the place are differ from each other which is unique in the  world. So Nepal could be the best destination to spend the holidays with lots of variety and own interest.

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