Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Everest Base Camp Trek in October is the perfect combination of the best trek and the best month to trek in Nepal. Ideal weather, crystal clear mountains, rich forests and vegetation, and impressive terrains are the offerings of the Everest region during October. So, why miss out on this adventure?

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Everest Base Camp, the most cited treks in Nepal offers beautiful views of snow-kissed mountains. A panoramic view of mountains like Mt Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, and several other near peaks. Clear and ideal climatic conditions of October make you observe the clean view of green hills, terrains, and mountains which is a lovely view. Sagarmatha National Park the UNESCO world heritage site will welcome you before reaching base Camp. This protected area homes the varieties of flora and fauna.

Trailing through the Sherpa’s settlements will provide insight into their culture, lifestyles, and traditions. Knowing the customs of the world’s strongest tribes is another big experience. The hospitality that they provide and the hard work they do is so welcoming and inspiring.

October is a sublime time to do Everest Base Camp Trek. The temperature during October is travel-friendly. The trails are in the perfect shape to walk on and the environment is also fresh and clear. To say it all, Everest Base Camp Trek in October is the best deal available.

This article will answer your following questions:

  • Why do Everest Base Camp Trek in October?
  • What type of weather is in Everest Base Camp Trek during October?
  • Food and Accommodation are available?
  • Difficulties of Everest Base Camp Trek in October?
  • What are the important tips for Everest Base Camp Trek for the month of October?
  • What are other possible Everest region tours in October?

Why do Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Everest Base Camp is a possible trek in any season. However, there are several perks that overweight it in comparison with other seasons. Here are some reasons to choose Everest Base Camp Trek in October :

The festive season

October is the month of the two most celebrated festivals in Nepal; Dashain and Tihar. People gather around to share love and happiness during these festivals. Places are so vibrant and decorated, you will be part of the festival unknowingly.

You can feel festivals from the air. Trekking during this month is ideal to explore the Nepali culture and traditions. You may also get to taste the special festive foods prepared for festivals. This is why October is the best period to travel. If you are a festival and culture you should opt for this month to travel.

Ideal Climatic Condition

It is the best part of traveling in October. This month offers travel-friendly climate and weather conditions. You can just walk under the clear blue sky without fear of turnaround. The climate is warm and bearable and best to walk on the trails of Everest Base Camp. No fear of cold, neither rainfall nor snowfall.

You don’t have to carry any heavy clothes or rain gear and snow gear. It’s a pleasure to your shoulder not to carry a heavy bag. October being a dry month, the trails are easy, not slippery, the climate is bearable, not cold.

This month provides ideal trekking conditions like no other months. So, you should probably pick this month.

Picturesque views

The autumn season has scenic surroundings everywhere. Snow-capped mountains, green hills, and bumpy terrains will be never enough for your eyes and camera. In October, The Everest region is dressed like the nymph bride, ready to pour its beauty in your eyes.

Not only the mountains and terrains, but the villages and monasteries also add flavor to its beauty. Settlements of people seem to like some dreamland. The grasslands near villages and animals grazing over is another best thing to observe.

People mostly come here to observe the scenic views of Mt.Everest and its terrain. So, October is all about mouth-opening and beautiful views of the hills and mountains.

Varied Vegetation

October is also a great time to observe vegetation. The trekking trails of Everest Base Camp are through the green vegetation of this region. The greenery around adds colors to the trek. Forests are dotted with the beautiful rhododendron and oak trees.

You’ll walk through the boosted alpine forest of Sagarmatha National Park. Sagarmatha National Park UNESCO World Heritage site is full of diversified floras and faunas. Also, near the settlements, you can observe the beautiful farmlands and grazing land.

Just like other reasons, October is also a favorite time to oversee the wonderful natural vegetation.

Happiest Trail

In peak months like October, the trails are fueled with many visitors. Travelling spreads happiness and you’ll see many happy travelers all the way. Happiness in every inch of the air, this sort of feeling will overpower your all tiredness and pain.

You’ll make some new friends. There is an exchange of smiles and stories among travelers. It’s such a happy and jolly atmosphere to be here in October.

If you love to be in a friendly crowd this season can be the ultimate choice.

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Everest Base Camp Weather and Conditions in October

Weather and conditions are the major looks before any trek. You can’t just pick your bag and run on the trails. You have to know every detail about the weather and climate of your trek destination. Below is the temperature of Everest Base Camp trek areas in October:

Lukla | Altitude: 2,829m/9281ft | Min Temp: 5.8°C | Max Temp: 16

Namche Bazaar | Altitude: 3,463m/11,361ft | Min Temp: 1.4°C | Max Temp: 12.7°C

Dingboche | Altitude: 4,483m/14,708ft | Min Temp: -5.3°C | Max Temp: 8.9°C

Lobuche | Altitude: 4,910m/16100ft | Min Temp: -7.8°C | Max Temp: 6.5°C

Gorak Shep | Altitude: 5,180m/17000ft | Min Temp: -8.9°C | Max Temp: 5.4°C

You can see the increase in the temperature as the increase in altitudes. Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorak Shep are the colder ones where temperature can fall below minus °C. These fall downs are easily bearable with the appropriate gears.

Food and Accommodation in October

Everest Base Camp is also popular as the Tea House Trek. There are many tea houses, hotels, and lodges on the trails. But due to the peak season, these accommodations may not be enough to give hostage to all of the visitors. It is hard to get accommodation of choice, you have to manage with what you get.

These tea houses provide sweet hospitality. You’ll get clean meals, a comfortable bed, blankets, the Internet, and also a hot shower. Because of the peak season, you may have to stand in line for meals. But it can be a new experience for you.

Dal Bhat is a typical Nepali trekking food. Steamed rice with boiled lentils with other subsidiaries is a perfect diet to boost your trekking speed. You can also pick other foods like Continentals, Indian or Chinese cuisine. There are also many bakery houses as well.

But remember, the cost of food and accommodation increases as we move upwards. It’s due to the high difficulty and high transportation cost of supplies to the higher region.

We also suggest you pre-book the food and accommodation as it’s difficult to get in the spot due to a peak season.

Difficulty During Everest Base Camp Trek in October

To find Teahouses and Lodges

Although there are many lodges and teahouses to accommodate. The peak season makes it difficult to get the place for overnight stay. This is the main problem faced by trekkers in October. Most of the lodges are already occupied.

You’ll not find the place of your choice, have to adjust to what you get. You may have to share the rooms with other trekkers as well. Hence, pre-booking of the accommodations is a safer idea.

Altitude Sickness

This trek is one of the highest altitude treks. Your trails are mostly above the 4000m altitude and reaching till the altitude of Kala Patthar (5,643m). So, it’s possible that you may get caught by the altitude sickness.

The lack of preparation and acclimatization can cause altitude sickness. So, you need proper care of your health by being hydrated and walking slowly. This way, you can avoid altitude sickness.

But, if you still feel any symptoms of altitude sickness it’s safer to descend down to the lower region. Headache, tiredness, dizziness, vomiting, and insomnia are the symptoms of altitude sickness. Here the emergency helicopter rescue comes handy if you have done travel insurance.

Tips to Everest Base Camp Trek in October

Right Gear List

You have to choose the right bodywear, headwear, handwear, and footwear. The right pick of clothing is very helpful to bear the cold of the Everest region. Your body should be covered with the base, insulation and the outermost layer to face the coldness of Everest.

Besides clothing, you’ll need other equipment to do Everest Base Camp Trek. Sleeping bags, trekking sticks, and good boots are a must for the Everest Base Camp. Other gears from sunglasses to sunscreen cream, have to be in your backpack. Carrying pills for the common cold, cough, fever and altitude sickness makes you ready for any health issues.

So, the first thing first you have to pack the right gear in your bag. Make sure you make your bag as light as you can. The weight of the bag adds load to your body while trekking. So you have to be smart when packing.

The bag must include the following basic gears:

For Head

  • Sun hat/Scarf/caps
  • Sunglasses(UV protected)
  • Buffs

For Upper body

  • Warmer base, mid and shell layer clothing
  • Hiking T-shirt
  • Light warm tops
  • Down jackets
  • Waterproof and windproof jackets

For Hand

  • Inner layer gloves
  • Warm outer gloves

For Lower body

  • Hiking shorts
  • Breathable Undergarments
  • Light trekking pants
  • Warm inner trouser
  • Waterproof pants

For Feet

  • Warmer inner socks
  • Trekking socks
  • Hiking boots with spare laces
  • Gaiters


  • Sleeping bag
  • Plastic bags
  • First Aid kit
  • Trekking stick
  • Water bottle
  • Trekking maps
  • Torch
  • Water purifiers

For Toiletries

  • Quick-drying towel
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Soap
  • Nail Cutter
  • Face and body moisturizer

For Personal hygiene

  • Wet tissues
  • Toilet paper/tissue roll
  • Sanitizer

Pre-book Flight and Accommodation

October is the top pick of tourists, you may not get the favored tickets, packages, and accommodation. So advance booking will make your trek easier and enjoyable. Due to peak season, the teahouses and lodges are mostly crowded.

It is very difficult to find a good hotel while on the trek. So, early booking will make you enjoy the trek rather than worry about the flight tickets, food, and accommodation.

Life Himalaya Trekking can pre-book your package, food, and accommodation for your convenience.

Proper Guide and Porter

It is not easy to walk on your own in the Himalayas. You may get lost or make the trek long So, having a proper guide is very fruitful. An experienced guide can lead you through the right track at the right time.

Your bag can feel like the heavy stone on your back in such a long and steep trek. The heavy bag can cause fatigue and tiredness and further resulting Altitude Sickness. Having porter minimizes the risk of altitude sickness. Porters will carry your load and make your trip safer and enjoyable

So having an experienced guide and a porter is always one step forward to make the trek awesome.

Trek Preparation

Preparation before any hard trek is always necessary. You have to be ready both mentally and physically. Everest Base Camp trek demands an average of 4-5 hours of walk each day.

This trek covers a distance of 130km which includes long and steep trails. So, physical training is required to complete this trek easily.

Cardio training like swimming, walking, running or cycling can increase your physical strength. You can also hike to longer trails to mimic the Everest Base Camp trek. This type of training will increase your pain endurance.

Better preparation also provides a mental boost up to do this trek. Having a positive mentality is a must for a strenuous trek like this. You may think of giving up several times, but if you can push your mentality to complete this is a possible trek.

Travel Insurance

Doing Travel Insurance is to cover all the uncertainties of the trek. Travel insurance covers all the costs of misfortunes that can occur in the trek.

Altitude Sickness can hit you any time. Injuries and occur anytime. An emergency helicopter rescue can be needed anytime. This is why travel insurance is so important before any high altitude trek.

To remind you Nepal doesn’t have such Insurance schemes so get it from your home nation. Also, be aware of insurance coverage does it include helicopter rescue as well.

Trek Early

Starting early can make you enjoy nature and reaching destinations on time. There is so much natural beauty in there that no time is enough to explore the serenity. So, if you start your trek earlier you will have more time to explore the natural richness.

The weather up in the Himalayas is quite unpredictable. An early start can make you safe from harsh weather turnaround. You’ll reach the destination before dawn which is a good thing in treks like Everest Base Camp.

Also, your energy and mentality level is higher during the early hours of the day. This way, you’ll see the more distance covered in a day.

Other possible treks in Everest Region in October

Everest Base Camp trek is not the sole option in the Everest region. You can also try other treks than Everest Base Camp Trek. The other treks are equally enjoyable and adventurous as Everest Base Camp Trek. Other possible treks in Everest Region in October are:

Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Panorama Trek is the easiest and shortest trek in the surrounding of Everest. This trek will not lead you to the Everest Base Camp but rather to less explored places of Everest region.

This tour offers phenomenal panoramic views of the world’s highest mountains. The view includes major peaks like Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Ama Dablam, and other beautiful peaks.

This trek allows you to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sagarmatha National Park, the park rich in wildlife and vegetation. You’ll walk the midst of green and beautiful forests of Rhododendron and oaks. During October, the greenery of this area is at the utmost level.

Furthermore, this whole trek is through the vibrant villages of the Everest region. You’ll tour around the beautiful villages like Namche Bazaar, Lukla, Phakding, Tengboche. You’ll observe the lifestyles, cultures, and traditions of mighty sherpas. This trek is a total package if you have a short time to travel and also want to prepare for the Everest Base Camp.

To know more about this tour click here: Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

It’s another perfect alternative to the long Everest Base Camp trek. This particular trek is a mixture of the light trek and adventurous helicopter ride. It is a quick way to touch down the Everest Base Camp. This whole tour is via Helicopter ride and the month of October is the best time to do helicopter ride.

The ride will start from Kathmandu to Lukla, refueling at Lukla then head towards Everest Base Camp. It is a 3 to 4-hour flight duration. This trek is for those who don’t have much time to travel the Classic Everest Base Camp trek. You’ll observe the stunning Himalayan range from the helicopter ride.

This trek will offer you an astonishing view of the Everest region from Everest Base Camp. You will have the best ever panoramic views of the world’s highest mountains from Kalapatthar. This trek is for those who don’t want to walk on trails but love to enjoy the views of mountains.

To know more about this tour click here: Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Gokyo Valley Trekking

It is one of the most popular treks other than Everest Base Camp trek. Gokyo Valley, a beautiful valley of the Everest region, is in its best form in October. This trek also equally offers you the stunning views of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Makalu.

Not only the Himalayas, but this trek also offers a vision of beautiful lakes, hills, and villages. Gokyo valley. This trek lasts for 15 days. During these days you can have much of the Everest region’s beauty. You’ll make your way to Gokyo valley through the beautiful trails. You will trail through the greenery, sherpas settlements, and beautiful terrains to reach beautiful Gokyo valley

You’ll walk around the ever-shining bluish Gokyo Lake. Also, you can climb to the Gokyo-RI viewpoint to get the awe-inspiring view of Gokyo lake. This trek is perfect for those who want to explore the beauty of the Everest region other than Everest Base Camp.

If you want to know more about this tour click here: Gokyo Valley Trekking

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