Everest Base Camp Trek in May

One of the heart-throbbing adventures as well as challenges in the world, Everest Base Camp or EBC Trek is on the checklist of every trekker. EBC trek is a phenomenal journey to witness the glory of Nepal, the highest mountain on the planet – up close and personal.

EBC trek is a classic trek that takes you in such wilderness where majestic peaks keep soaring higher and higher. Thousands of trekkers explore this place and mark lifetime achievement. But the journey requires some serious preparations in all aspects.

Amongst all, the time in which you are going is very important. And among all months, May is a popular choice of all. It is a special month that marks the best time of spring. The skies are clear. You also get the breathtaking views along with glowing sunrise and sunset within the Himalayan vista. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold with fewer chances of rainfalls.

It is certain that your experience in Everest Base Camp Trek in May will be exceptional. You definitely don’t want to miss out the best of Everest Region. So, gear yourself up and be prepared to have the delightful experience of your life within the soaring and blooming Everest.

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Major Attraction of Everest Base Camp Trek in May

1. An Audacious Flight to Lukla

Your trip officially starts right after you take the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. This is going to be the most adventurous flight of your lifetime. Lukla, at the height of 2843m, has a tiny runaway of 527m long. The best part about EBC in May besides the thrill is the breathtaking view of snow-clad mountains all around you.

2. Glorious and Majestic Mountains

Wouldn’t it be exciting to soak yourself in the beauty of dramatic landscapes and towering mountains? This is the main advantage of the Everest Region during May. You’ll get an absolute clear and soul-filling views of mount ranges ever.

3. Variety of Flora and Fauna

Sagarmatha National Park is something you just can’t miss while you are trekking in Everest Base Camp. The national park is a wonderful haven for many plants and animal species. The alpine forests of pine, juniper along with colorful Rhododendrons, appears gorgeous. And regarding animals, you have the best chance to spot rare animals like blue sheep, yarsha, red panda, etc.

4. Exclusive Culture, Traditions, and Lifestyle of Sherpas

Sherpas are still the unexplored gem hiding that lies within the snowy peaks. They are ethnic groups with superior climbing skills, strength, and endurance. And their unique culture and lifestyle fascinate more. Thus, in such a beautiful time, if you don’t get to know them better, you will miss one big part.

5. The Most Mesmerizing Trek Ever!

Besides all other months, May is the best time to trek Everest Base Camp. From your starting flight to the very final day, everything will be splendid. The vantage point, Kala Patthar will not disappoint you. Your food and accommodations are much feasible. You will have many better options that will just make your trip the most mesmerizing trip ever.

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Weather Condition of Everest Base Camp during May

The weather and temperature of Everest Base Camp are so unpredictable. Thus, to choose a favorable season for trekking is significant. The best Seasons for Everest Base Camp Trek are Spring (March-May) and Autumn (September-November). The main reasons behind these seasons are ideal climatic conditions and views of spectacular scenery.

Spring brings out the blossoming colors all around that makes you more alive and awesome. As May lies in the Spring season, there are many exciting things you experience while on the trek. You can witness different species of flowers like colorful Rhododendron along the trail. Nature is in its best form at this time. As you ascend, you see the diversifying climates, vegetation, wildlife, and even the lifestyle of local Sherpas. Within this uniqueness, you get the most pleasant feeling ever.

Besides the chances of little rain, the days in May are mostly clear with little clouds. The temperature of EBC is a little warmer as the average temperature in the day time is about 15 °C and the minimum may drop upto 0 °C. So, this time is preferable for those who love trekking in perfect climatic conditions.

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Popular Trekking Routes in Everest Region in May

Being one of the pleasant months, EBC Trek In May gives you various options to reach the vantage point. Thus, if you love exploring more in the Everest region, you can go with some of the following trekking routes:

1. Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

Everest Base Camp is such an astounding place which have options for almost everything. If you love to trek in a luxurious way, EBC Heli Trek is the one for you. It is the trip to explore this land of Himalayas with both flying and trekking.

It is a fabulous way to explore the parts of Everest Base Camp like Namche, Gorak Shep, Pheriche in a different way. You will be staying in good hotels with better facilities. And the best part is you will go and return in a comforting helicopter.

Generally, the weather is clear in May so there are fewer chances of flight cancellation. Thus, this way you experience many specialties in a short time.

2. Gokyo and Renjo La Pass Trek

Gokyo and Renjo La Pass are such places in the Everest Region that you shouldn’t miss at all. And in May, the features of those places bloom even more. The richness in water resources, slimy glaciers, landscapes are admirable.

Moreover, you will explore the spots like Gokyo Ri, Dudh Pokhari, and the famous Ngozumpa Glacier. Their amazing sights will leave you in a complete awestruck. Thus, if you are an avid adventurer, this is the trek for you.

Besides the panoramic views, these places will give you deep insight into ethnic Sherpa Culture and lifestyle. But remember this trek will require a strong fitness, determination, and endurance level.

3. Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

This is one of the longest, authentic and rewarding trekking options in the Everest Region. This was the route that early trekkers and mountaineers had used. In this classic trek, you start your journey from Jiri and eventually to Lukla. This trek is also a way to escape from the risky mountain flight of Lukla.

On the trail, you’ll come across astounding places like Dughla, Bupsa, and many more. There are chances of witnessing the wildlife of Sagarmatha National Park. You can spot Himalayan Thar, Ghoral, leopard, blue sheep, and Musk deer.

Likewise, you will visit many ancient Buddhist monasteries like Tengboche, Khumbu, and culturally rich villages. Thus, this trek will take you to the route which was discovered by the legend Tenzing N. Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in 1953.


Important Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek in May

Your rugged way towards EBC will be full of many obstacles. But if you have a strong zeal to explore the ultimate feat, it is not impossible.

Take care of the following things to get fully prepared for your journey of a lifetime:

Altitude Mountain Sickness

As you take off to the ultimate Everest Base Camp, you keep on climbing up towards a higher altitude every day. Your main goal is 5644 meters, so you will be gliding more than 1000m of altitude each day. In such a case, altitude sickness could be a very serious concern.

It is recommendable not to take this lightly and continue to keep on monitoring yourself carefully. Make sure you don’t push yourself hard and to drink plenty of fluids. And yes immediately descend down if any of the symptoms occur.

Finally, it definitely would take you a lot of planning, motivation, and compassion to complete the trek. But every single moment you spend will be worth a while.

Hire a Professional Guide and Porter

Hiring porter and guide on EBC trek is recommendable. Follow your guide’s instructions as he will know more about the routes and whole trek. He will provide you the vital information along the way. He will have a better understanding of the region and the local’s lifestyle.

Regarding porter, if you hire them, you can enjoy your journey more. Plus, they will ease your burden on such an altitude. Carrying your own backpack may make you uncomfortable and exhausting.

Both of them will also calm your journey better with their fascinating stories.

Train Hard and Be Mentally Prepared

Everest Base Camp Trek requires a good level of physical fitness. However, you may not require advanced training. It is better to start your preparation for at least 6 months prior to the trip. Get out of your comfort zone and start cardio workouts like jogging, cycling, swimming that trains your body to cope with less oxygen. For strength training, go on hikes and mini-treks. Also, you can raise your stamina through a stair machine along with few sets of lunges, squats, and leg crunches.

Also, be mentally prepared as it could be the biggest strength on the trek. Doing yoga and meditation will certainly help you with it.

Go for Advanced Bookings

Everest Base Camp Trek in May means, peak time and a lot of trekkers. Pre-booking will help you find the best accommodation with good services. Always choose the one with a good track record, when it comes to safety. This will also get you rid of many future hassles.

Take Care of Your Body All along

Don’t forget to take care of your body once you think of going to EBC. Follow all the precautions and plan accordingly. Don’t forget to acclimatize and have a proper itinerary. Prepare yourself in every way possible. Hydrate as much as you can. And take healthy care of the diet while walking.

In the case of any kind of emergency, don’t freak out. Get the help of your guide or porter immediately. They will try to help you in every way possible and contact the relevant authorities for rescue. If the condition gets very serious then you can also get a helicopter rescue.


What To Pack For Everest Base Camp Trek in May?

Although you are in the lavish season of spring, you cannot lean on the unpredictable weather conditions of high altitude. Thus, gear with all the necessary stuff you will be needing.

But what are the kinds of stuff you are taking with you? You know pretty well that carrying all the stuff will just burden you up. Thus, you have to be very precise while packing. Make sure you don’t miss the necessary gears and also not overpack.

This could be tricky but the following points will help you pack in a precise way for Everest Base Camp Trek in May:

  1. First of all, get a comfortable backpack with back support and straps. As you will be carrying a precise amount of gears, 40-50 liters would be fine. Make sure they have proper compartments too.
  1. Second is comfortable and waterproof boots that would support on heels and areas of high pressure. Wear the boots in before the trek to make them properly broken-in and avoid blisters.
  1. Be sure it is going to be freezing cold. Make sure you bring several layers as wearing layers is the key. Along with, must carry your own outer shell waterproof jacket and quality fleece. They will protect you from snow and strong winds.
  1. Next is the all-weather waterproof and lightweight sleeping bag. Yes, you will be having good accommodation and certainly blankets too. But as there will be a crowded environment, it is better to be on the safe side.
  1. Another is the trekking poles. They are the true friend that will help you on the trek. Trekking poles can reduce stress on your joints by up to 20%.
  1. In your priority list must include trousers, sunglasses, sunscreen, winter gloves and hats, toiletries, water bottles, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and basic first aid kit. Regarding electronic gadgets, also carry spare batteries, chargers, headlamps, and portable solar chargers.


There are many perks while trekking EBC in the month of May. And the great thing is you have so many options to choose from. Either it may be EBC Heli Tour or regular EBC trek, you will have never experienced moments of the lifetime. What a joyous treat, isn’t it?

So, what else are you waiting for? Start planning and get prepared for the most thrilling journey of your life. And be ready to lose yourself in the world of Himalayas and unexplored Sherpa’s life.


FAQs on EBC Trek in May

How difficult is it to trek EBC in May?

May is a beautiful time to trek at Everest Base Camp. Regarding the difficulty, if you train well and be mentally prepared, you can train your body for everything. Main thing above 3,000 meters is to acclimatize well and have proper itinerary. The thing is you have to deal with a bit of crowds and hassles while booking.

Do I need Insurance for Everest Base Camp?

It is recommendable to have both medical and evacuation insurance for Everest Base Camp Trek. After all, you should be careful about your safety. Choose the policy that covers your medical insurance, emergency evacuation services, and all the necessary requirements.

What are the types of Trekking Permits required for EBC?

Basically, there are two permits you will need; Sagarmatha National Park Permit and TIMS (Trekker’s Information Management System) Card. However, you will need Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit if you are going to Everest Base Camp from Jiri.

What is the cost of permits for EBC?

The costs of the permits to EBC depends on the route you will be trekking through. If you take a flight to Lukla, you will need only two permits; Sagarmatha NP permits and TIMS Card. The classic Jiri to EBC trek requires other extra permits i.e Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit and the local permit in Lukla. Thus, the costs will be accordingly.

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