Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek cost varies according to the company and your requirement. But most of the cost includes the Trek permits, your all ground and air transportation, accommodation, and food. International flights, Travel insurance, Beverages are generally excluded in the package price of Local companies of Nepal. There is not a fixed price for the packages, so the price ranges from 1000 USD to 6000 USD on average for 12 to 20 days of Trek around Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base camp is a dream of every trekker and mountain lovers and Yes! This is the perfect trek to get an experience of an environment of the World highest mountain, Mt Everest (8848 m). Everest Base camp is one of the challenging adventure treks in the roof of the world, Everest. Despite the challenging trek, people are more attracted to the Everest Base camp than any other treks. Even though it’s a challenging, high altitude walk, EBC trekking is the best way to explore Everest region, Sherpa (guardian of Himalayas) culture. This will be your story to tell and get the lifetime experience by concurring the world highest base camp.

Everest is becoming the first choice for every adventure lover. Every year more than 1, 00, 000 trekkers trek to Everest region. Everest Base Camp becoming a dream destination among all trekkers. But the three are some problems that arise among all those who are ready to trek for Everest. It’s the cost of the trek. How much does it really cost? Are we paying more than it costs? Here is the detail of every Everest base camp trek cost below. Find out are you paying more than enough?  

Major factors that affect the Everest Base Camp trek cost:

Cost of Guide and porter for Everest Base camp

If you fixed your destination to the Everest Base Camp, then the first thing that makes your trip extra, special, adventurous, are guides and porters. Without proper guidance and support, it’s really a tough job to achieve the goal of Everest base camp.

It is not compulsory to have a trekking guide and porter in Everest you can also do it independently but what we recommend you is to have a well-trained, licensed holder and experienced guide for your support and care. It’s your choice whether you want to have a guide or not.

If you choose your guide make sure about all the legal part of him/her. Confirm their experience and behavior with other guests (find history). The cost for the guide and porter is 20 USD to 30 USD and 15 USD to 20 USD per day respectively. What we recommend is that if you are thinking to independent trek then don’t, cause when you have a guided trek, if you have problems like altitude sickness or any other physical problems then the guides are well trained for the First aid and they will inform company for your emergency and he will take you safely to the Everest base camp and take back. They will guide you for what to eat what not to eat, and how to avoid altitude sickness.

Cost of food and beverages in the Everest region

The scenery of the Everest can fill our mind, eyes but they do not give the energy to explore them endlessly. What we need is food, having delicious food can make you all day good. So what kind of food we can get and how much does it cost in Everest?

After you enter into the Everest region, you’ll get a menu with delicious Nepali Local food Dal Bhat and other foods like pizza, chapati, Sherpa Stu, Spegatti, burgers, etc. It’s a little more expensive than the city area but doesn’t worry everyone can afford such a price. For the Meal, the cost ranges from 2 USD to 9 USD per meal along your journey. When you have your dinner while watching the world highest mountains, we bet you that you’ll come back for only have dinner in the Everest region.

For the Drinks, there is a lot of variation as you go up. In the down of the Everest region, the cost is also less. When you ascend the price also rise up. For the drinking mineral water, it cost you 2 to 5 USD during EBC trek. Tea and coffee is also the perfect way to warm up our body at such high altitude. It cost you   2 USD to 4 USD per cup for tea and coffee whereas the beer cost ranges from 5 USD to 10 USD.

Cost for Accommodation during Everest Base Camp Trekking 2022/2023

After hours of what who does not like to sleep in a warm and comfortable bed. Don’t worry all the lodges and hotels in Everest region offers you the best accommodation. During a journey to Everest Base Camp, till Namche you can also get a 4-star category hotel, like Everest Hotel (World highest hotel), yeti mountain home are the most luxurious hotels you’ll get till Namche. But after Namche, you can get comfortable hotels and lodges. The hotels depend upon how much you pay.  

In season time it’s really hard to get a room in Everest, If you are thinking to trek independently then yes this is another serious problem you’ll face. If you are in a guided trek then the guide or company will book a room for you. Many trekkers used to think in high altitude it’s too expensive but in reality, you can afford every accommodation in Everest but the price will depend upon the hotel standard. The prices range from 4 USD to 100USD according to your requirement.

NOTE: In Hotel Everest View it’ll cost you more than a 130$ per night.

Everest Permits fees

Before starting every trekking what we need is permission from the government of Nepal. For that Trekkers must have the permits of TIMS and Sagarmatha National park. If you are trekking alone then, it’ll cost 10 USD for the TIMS and approx. 34 USD for the Sagarmatha national park permit. You can get these permits from the Nepal Tourism Board. 20 USD for Rural municipality fee (you’ll get it at Lukla or Jorsalle). But if you are with some local trekking agency then they will manage everything for you. You just need to focus on collecting the spectacular views of the mountains. ;) 

Transportation Cost

Before starting Everest Base Camp trek there is a various way to reach the trek starting point. If you are excited to do a traditional trek then you have to start your trek from Jiri. Which will be the longest Everest Base Camp trekking. if you want to do the normal 12 to 15 days Everest Base Camp trek then your trekking starting point is Lukla.

So, how much does it cost for transportation. For Jiri you have two option, one is doing you want to travel on a local bus or in private jeep. And for the Lukla also you have two choices One is Helicopter and another is a domestic plane. Here is the detail:

Kathmandu-Kinja by public Bus: 2500 Nrs
Kathmandu -Kinja by private vehicle: 400-500 USD

Kathmandu to Lukla round trip (by plane): 378 USD
Kathmandu to Lukla by Helicopter one way (sharing basis): 300-500 USD

If you want to charter a helicopter for Lukla to Kathmandu or vice versa then Helicopter cost will be 2500-2800 USD.

If you are doing a shortest Everest trekking that will return from Gorakshep to Kathmandu by helicopter and then, your cost will be 2000-4200 USD. The price is not fixed. It’ll depend upon the availability of helicopters and season. (Gorakshep to Kathmandu).