Here is how you can make a difference with Life Himalaya Trekking?

Life Himalaya Trekking is a well-established trekking and tour company in Nepal that operates the trekking (Everest Trekking, Annapurna Trekking, Non-touristic are trekking) and tour all over Nepal. As we stand in a community, we must have a responsibility towards the community.

LHT is established by Shiba Hari Rijal who is on the trekking field for more than two decades. The Story behind establishing life Himalaya trekking is the community.

Before the establishment of the company, Mr. Shiba gathered a lot of information regarding the community. He is from the rural part of Nepal and He started his career from the porter so he knows every problem faced by the people in rural areas. He used to work in a partnership but from that, he cannot give what he wants to give to the community due to some factors. And yes! He established Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

slide school inaguration
Opening of Shree Sthaniya Bhume Primary school

Life Himalaya donates 60% of profit to the Ganesh himal community foundation from every trekking. We are growing day by day and doing a social project in collaboration with Ganesh himal community foundation.

In the current situation of Nepal most of the families, from rural areas are less touched by the modern era and they even do not have the basic needs like education, hospitals etc as well. Life Himalaya started steps to full fill these needs.

Working history of Life Himalaya with GHCF Nepal

School Rebuilding

In 2015, Nepal was hit by the big earthquake. More than 9,000 people are killed and more than 22,000 people are injured. Thousands of people lost their home schools, hospitals etc.

Life Himalaya and other donors help to rebuild the Schools in Dhading and monjo (Namche.) more than 500 students are now able to go to school. Name of the schools:

  • Shree Sthaniya Bhume primary school.
  • Simal Danda primary School
  • Monjo Primary school


In rural area ,people have limited resources to increase their knowledge. So Ganesh h and Life hHimalayacame up with an idea to establish a public e-library in Satyadevi dhading. People are now familiar with tomputers and modern technology that are arriving day by day in the world.


  • Computers to Shree Sthaniya bhume Primary school  Satya Devi, Dhading  
  • Computers to Lakche Kunda higher secondary School Kuri village, Dhading

Train Nepal To ICT Development

Who does not love technology? The world might have the advance technology but there are some regions where the people are far from new information technology. On this present situation students from rural areas, they do not know about using computers and other networks. Due to this life, Himalaya and GHCF started a train Nepal to the ICT development program.

In 2016, Ganesh Himal community foundation conducted a workshop on Train Nepal to ICT Development Collaboration with Life Himalaya and  Nepal Telecommunication authority. In this worksop, 73 people participate and train them for computer skills, and working of the computer, the future of computers and the Internet.  It was 3 days workshop in Shree Ram sah school, Deurali-Gorkha.

Relief for natural disaster affected area of Nepal.

Nepal is rich in natural diversity and resources. Every year lots of the natural disasters hit Nepal. People will lose their homes and many people lost their lives.

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After massive earthquake, Relief for victims

We are also providing relief materials for those victims who have been affected by any of the natural disasters every year. The relief contains foods, clothes, and primary medicines lights etc.

Free Health camp

We also provide a health camp in the various northern part of Nepal. The longest health camp was in 2015 after the massive earthquake. Every year we conduct free health camp and checkups in rural areas of Nepal.

Child sponsorship

Life Himalaya Trekking is not only for the successful trips, but we are donating for underprivileged children from a rural part of the Dhading. We carry out every social activity through the Ganesh Himal community foundation. GHCF sponsors for educational, expenses, medical emergencies, etc. The child sponsorship program is the main project of the Ganesh Himal community foundation with the help of life Himalaya and donors from different countries like USA, Australia, Europe, etc.

Bikram tamang
Bikram Tamang with our MD Shiba Hari Rijal

Training workshop in Remote area for Homestay

Ganesh Himal community foundation started a new project which is the homestay training in a rural part of the Dhading. There are no hotels and lodges in Ganesh Himal area so, Life Himalaya trekking and Ganesh Himal community foundation started to train the local people for the homestay training.  In this first homestay training, 44 people are involved and it goes for 3 days. After training, People are motivated towards the homestay and promoting their own Tamang heritage.

The training was held on 14, 15, 16 and 17th of June.  44 local people are actively participate in this.
Home stay training at Dhading

In summary, Life Himalaya Trekking and Ganesh Himal community foundation are working together to build a new community in the rural areas of Nepal. We are moving one step further. “By trekking with Life Himalaya, You can make a big difference in someone’s life. ”. We also have more future planning like Community building and volunteering projects. We are waiting for such big projects in the community.