Best Time For Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter Return

Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best trekking sensations in Nepal. It lies in the Everest Region also known as the ‘Khumbu’ Region. Also popularly known as EBC in short. The home to the highest peak in the world Mt.Everest is the key success of the place and became a sensation after further exploration of the beauty of holds.

Everest trek
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Trek

The Region is a diverse place to explore in itself and the Everest Base Camp Trek adds more flavour offering the trekkers and the visitors an opportunity to brace themselves more like the area. It is a great place for both trekkers and nature enthusiasts as it carries the majestic beauty of the Himalayas and the unspoiled beauty of its landscapes. It is also attracting lots of visitors as it has become one of the best places to witness the difficult and strange geography of higher altitude.

The Everest Base Camp consists of high-altitude adventure, nature walks, diverse wildlife, remote paths, cultural interaction, and a unique Himalayan ecosystem. The landscapes of the trekking trail contain flora and fauna.

The stunning beauty of the Himalayan range, the majestic landscapes, traditions of ethnic communities. The trek is drawn over the geography of the Himalayas so it is also a chance to witness and experience the amazing strange natural features.

The trekking route also follows the different beauty with different seasons and features according to it. Different season holds different features which makes it more diverse according to the season also.

So, here we will talk about the best season to travel or to have your footsteps on the trail of Everest Base Camp Trek with helicopter return. It depends upon the different factors and the features during several seasons throughout the year.

We consider them and the ability of a person and the experience to do the talk about the best time for Everest Base Camp, hoping to help you to make a good choice and make your traveling experience better and as of your expectations. So, stick to this if you are willing to know about the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Best Time For Trekking with Helicopter Return

Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek Experience
Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek

Spring Season

Spring is considered one of the best times to do trekking not just in Nepal but most of the trekking all over the world. As in this season, the monsoon before it washes all the dust clears visibility, and provides clear distance views.

The season of Spring in Nepal falls between February to mid-April. It can be considered until late April but mid-April makes it a prime time for spring. The season of Spring brings the region a little warm temperature, lush greenery, longer days, and colorful flowers covering and capping all around the landscapes.

The weather also favors a lot as the weather does not change rapidly. It is also a better time to enjoy a longer time in your trekking journey as the day gets longer than any other month or season in the year with such beauty.

It is also the best time to witness the beauty of Himalayas nature on their prime beauty with blossoms of different flowers and lush greenery across the landscapes of the region. The sky is also clear to witness the night sky with the stars across the sky

Clear sky, distance visibility, prime beauty, and blossoming flowers make spring one of the best times for Everest Base Camp Trek and return by helicopter.


  • It is the best time to find the blossoming landscapes of the Himalayas with clear weather and better visibility. It is the time when all flowering plants get their flowering age and the lush greenery is at its peak. So, it is the best time to enjoy the scenery of flowering landscapes if you are a spring enthusiast beneath the high hills and snow-capping mountains. It is a great advantage while spring is the best time for the Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • In spring you will get longer days to spend more time exploring the trail and having a walking time.
  • The weather is very stable unlike in any other season of the year. You will be free from the worry of sudden changes in weather just in a few hours. It is the best time to get such stable weather. It is also the best time to get rid of unexpected rainfall.
  • The clear sky and proper visibility are waiting for you with the best blossoming scenery. The landscapes are the best thing to witness and to enjoy the odor of the Himalayas.
  • You will find the lush greenery at its peak and the alpine forest at the trail will be the reward which makes spring one of the best times for Everest Base Camp Trek.


  • Spring is the peak season for Everest Base Camp Trekking due to the arrival of its prime beauty which attracts more tourists than usual. It makes the trekking routes get more crowded than usual and not only in Everest Region it is a peak season for trekking in Nepal. So, if you hate to see yourself on the crowded trails and pack lodges then It is going to be a great disadvantage for you.
  • With the arrival of tourists in large numbers the problems with accommodation. You will have to tackle problems like sharing a bedroom which is already packed and a lack of proper sleeping essentials like a blanket and pillow.
  • The rise in the pricing of accommodation, food, and lodges is found to be obvious. It is because of the rise in a huge number of tourists that the people of the Himalayan region want to harness the opportunity to earn some extra amount. There are limited opportunities to earn like that in the region. The problem of the rise in pricing is also seen in flight tickets. So pricing is one of the disadvantages during the Spring is the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.

Autumn Season

Autumn is the most colorful time as it is the season for changing the leaves. It is considered the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek around the year. The color of the leaves of plants gets a warm hue and a very colorful landscape with a very clear backdrop of sky and visibility. The weather during this season gets very stable similar to the weather in spring and even more than that. The colorful scenery all over the landscapes beneath the mountain makes it more mesmerizing.

Autumn season is very similar to Spring as the difference is about the flowering and changing phases of plants. The visibility is the best and clearest as well as refreshing than any other month of the year. You will also witness the mesmerizing beauty of the colorful Himalayas.

It is also considered the most photographic trek and most scenic trek throughout the year. This season falls between the time of September to November becoming the best time for trekking in Nepal.


  • It is a great chance and opportunity to witness the colorful scenery filled with various warm hues and natural autumn saturation. Your journey during this season will be more scenic than in any other month of the year.
  • As in spring The clear sky and the visibility are far better. Trekkers can have the most scenic views and very clear visibility and witness the beauty of the Himalayas.
  • The weather is itself a big advantage as it becomes very stable more than in spring. There is a very rare chance of rainfall.
  • Like the greenery and flowering landscapes in the spring you will witness very colorful landscapes as the very colorful with a warm hue is seen in Autumn which makes the nature walk the more scenic walk than in any other month of the year.


  • The Autumn season is the peak season for trekking as the Everest Base Camp Trek gets very picturesque. This makes the attraction of tourists more than even in spring…
  • It even gets more crowded than the peak season of Spring as the trek gets more scenic and more stable in weather, temperature, and humidity. It also gets more photographic walks to make your memories a lifetime experience. So, with such features in Autumn, it attracts more tourists than usual. You have to face the crowd of visitors walking along you.
  • As in Spring, the huge crowd makes the routes and guesthouses pack in Autumn too. You will find it more crowded than in Spring. So, you will find the same problem with accommodation. It even gets very hard to manage your stays in lodges as it all gets packed as soon as it comes to leaving by others. The number of tourists arriving is massive during this season to witness the colorful and prime beauty of the Himalayas. And if you are planning to go camping over the accommodation options of lodges then you will find difficulty in finding a good spot for you there too.
  • The problem of a rise in pricing sticks in the services you are seeking which affects the rise in the pricing of stays, services, and food. You will also find flight tickets getting more expensive than usual. But still, people go there in large portions to have their time in the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek with heli return.

Winter or Mid-Winter

Besides the beauty of the EBC trek in spring and Autumn, most experienced trekkers prefer Mid-winter as the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek. It is because of the features of both spring and autumn and the advantages of accommodation and less crowded times. It is mostly for the adventure seeker and the person who loves less crowded places and peaceful walks

The extreme cold is waiting for you at the Midwinter but an adventure enthusiast and travelers see these as a bonus point in the journey as they allow you to have an extra dose of taste in your journey. Mid-winter trek is about finding empty routes and paths, crystal clear sky, vary stable weather, and proper time to interact with locals to learn and have some fun exploring about their culture and traditions they have followed from the very back of time

Most of the mid-winter trekkers preferred it as a lifetime experience besides the extreme weather you have to tackle. But it is also a chance to witness the lifestyle of native people in such cold regions and freezing temperatures. It is also the best for budget travelers making it the ultimate best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.


  • You will experience mountain cold during the winter. Such a unique experience can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and a very memorable journey.
  • You will get rid of the problems you have to tackle with accommodation and stays as the region or the trekking trail gets a very small number of visitors which makes most of the stays and lodges empty.
  • It is a great time to get several discount offers on food, accommodation, and stay due to the very less tourist arrivals in comparison to their capacity so, they try to attract you to their services by providing you the offer of massive discounts.
  • The time is more suitable for the budget trekker because of the huge descending graph of the prices in packages and the flight tickets as well as in other services. So, no doubt mid-winter is the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • You also get proper and enough time to spend and to enjoy the most features of the trekking trail as it gets less traveled by the tourist and you will find enough spaces to do so.


  • The mid-winter means the extreme cold and freezing environment. The Everest Base Camp Trek also covers a very high altitude being a trail up to the elevation of 5,643m from sea level which is the nearest height to be called a peak. So you can imagine the extremeness of the cold weather. So, if you are a person with a summer vibe then this could be a nightmare for you.
  • Although less arrival of tourists which makes your accommodation plan easier. You also find the guesthouses and teahouses at higher altitudes are closed. It occurs in most cases when you go higher in altitude as the people there flee to another region to escape the extreme cold.
  • The routes generally get more difficult because of the trails covered with snow and ice. Most of them are difficult to cross and sometimes you need to use professional trekking equipment.

Which is the best time?

Evening panoramic view of Everest Base Camp
Evening panoramic view of Everest Base Camp

The best time for Everest Base Camp with heli return mainly depends upon your interest and what you are willing to want. The different time of the year carries different features and advantages.

If you want your journey to be mesmerizing and with the odor of freshness and refreshing. And if you want to experience the colorful and most scenic walk with a picturesque journey then there is no better time than Autumn. Besides the beauties, if you are an adventure seeker and a budget traveler then there is not any other best time for Everest Base Camp Trek than Midwinter.

Trek To Base Camp and Helicopter Return

To make your journey more adventurous at the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek, there is a helicopter ride from the base camp to the Lukla waiting for you. It offers you the views of the whole Khumbu Region from the aerial view.

You will witness the highest peaks of the world shouldering your sight. The beautiful views of traditional villages are breathtaking. Besides it also allows you to avoid the extra time to spend in returning from the same route from where you came. It is also for the trekkers who are too tired and have difficulty trekking while making it up to the Base Camp. The helicopter takes you back to the Lukla the starting point of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

The packages and the scheme of Everest Base Camp Trek with helicopter return are mainly designed to overcome the time spent during the journey and reduce the further walk on the same trial but it got popular after the stunning views of mountain leaks. So, it is a feature to add more flavor during your best time for Everest Base Camp Trek with helicopter return.

Highlights and some points to note about EBC

  • The EBC trek lies in the Everest Region covering mostly the area of Solukhumbu district. It is the home to the highest peak in the world Mt Everest with another shouldering peak of 8000m plus class The region is filled with ethnic traditions and enormous natural beauty.
  • The Everest Base Camp trek consists of the best traditional and old teahouses and guesthouses culture with very unique trekking experience. They are found to be filled with proper local cuisine and living services. One can take It as an opportunity to try the foods and drinks with local tastes and organically made products.
  • The hospitality of people is no doubt very good at the trails and the area of Everest Base Camp. The people of the region and the ethnic communities culturally allow them to be good with visitors and also they are aware of the hospitality services as a large number of tourists visit the area every year.
  • The journey EBC starts from the small and very beautiful Himalayan town of Lukla or also can be taken from the biggest Himalayan town in the Khumbu Region, Namche Bazar it depends upon the trekkers to have their interest. The journey covers the massive beauty of freshwater rivers, crystal-clear lakes, wide mountain views, majestic landscapes, and large glaciers. There also be found the diverse ecosystem with the very unique bond of flora and fauna and wildlife which is also most of the time all around the year the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • The breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan landscapes and the higher range, freshening nature walks, journeys over remote paths, several suspension bridges, long stone stairs, alpine forest, and the adventure walks with local and organic cuisine and the strange and unique culture are waiting for you as the great reward of the journey in both best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.


• What is the difficulty level of Everest Base Camp Trek?

The difficulty level of the EBC trek is considered moderate. It can differ as it depends on your experience and personal ability.

• Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes. It is fine for beginners too. But for the absolute beginner in trekking it may be a difficult course because of the difficult route and the trail. For absolute beginners who want a long trail to cover we prefer treks like Annapurna Base Camp Trek as it is easier than the EBC.

• Is EBC can be done within the budget?

Yes, the area is full of teahouses and typical guesthouses which are cheaper than the average hotels in Kathmandu or Pokhara. The teahouses are preferable if you want a cheaper form of means. So if you are a budget traveller or willing to do the travel in budget then it is still suitable for you.

• Is there not any specific best time for Everest Base Camp Trek?

We have to say no. There cannot be any specific best time for Everest Base Camp Trek because of the vary in personal interest and the features you are seeking. Some may find spring more mesmerizing and some may find Autumn more colorful which makes a difference in the choice of the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.

• Can I do a solo trek in EBC?

From the recent year 2023, the Nepal Government has banned solo trekking in Nepal. So, you cannot do any solo trekking. It is banned considering the safety of trekkers and focusing on some economic gain in the tourism industry of Nepal.

• Do I need a guide?

Yes, you need a guide if you want to learn about the things you are witnessing. And without the guide, there are very limited routes you can have, or let’s say most of the adventure parts are not allowed without the licensed guide with you.


We provided you the insight about the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek and helicopter return trip. As we already talked about these highly depend upon the personal interest and the ability a person has to do. It is also about the courage to cover the journey. EBC trek is a diverse course of adventure, travel, and journey in itself. It also provides you an opportunity to see yourself inside or make yourself challenge your ability.