70th Everest Day

Nepal recently hosted the “70th Everest Day”. The 70 year anniversary of the first ever successful summits held by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953 A.D, May 29th.

Everest Expedition, a phrase that grabs all the attention of adventure lovers from all around the world. The race to reach the roof of the world. Everest Expedition, refers not only to climbing the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest (8848.86m), it refers to all the thrill, all the training and handwork, all the effort and jaw dropping experiences along the trail.

Many earlier attempts are also recorded but unsuccessful climbs resulting in numerous headlines. The first ever expedition trail dates back to 1921 A.D.

All the expeditions were done from the Tibet side as Nepal was not open for foreign travelers except some high status delegates and invitees. Nepal opened its boundary to the world in 1950 A.D which began an era of climbing some of the unexplored, unknown and unimaginable landscapes of the whole entire world.

Due to which emerged, the adventure enthusiasts such as Maurice Herzog, (first ascender of Annapurna), Edmund Hillary,Tenzing Norgay, and many others like them,

Also, Reinhold Meissner is one of the famous personalities. He was the first man to climb Mt.Everest without oxygen and he was also here in Nepal to celebrate his 45th climbing anniversary on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary.

Our Life Himalaya trekking, Managing Director, Shiba Hari Rijal was also present with Mr. Reinhold Meissner to celebrate the auspicious occasion.

They went to the Khumbu Valley and visited places like Namche Bazaar, Khumjung Village, Kalapathar,etc.

Namche Bazaar

Shiba Sir explained, “It was a great experience to have the opportunity with Reinhold Meissner and learn about his vast experience and how much he appreciated being in Nepal and witnessing the diverse ethnic culture and traditions”

The 70th Everest Day was quite a celebration from the local sherpa communities involved since the beginning. The Everest Marathon also occurs on the same day Every year on the exact dates of Everest Day, May 29th.

A date marked in History demonstrating the ability of Human courage, thrill seeking and seeking discomfort.

Events during 70th Everest Day

Events are held at Everest Base Camp and other designated areas to remember climbers who have died while attempting to reach the top of Mount Everest. It’s a good moment to consider the difficulties and dangers of mountaineering.

A lot of climbers schedule their ascent attempts around Everest Day. They want to complete the mountain’s ascent and carry on the heritage of Everest’s successful ascent on this special day.

Renowned mountaineers, Sherpas, and professionals offer their experiences and knowledge through lectures and presentations. They talk about the background, difficulties, and successes of climbing Everest.

Platinum Jubilee

Documentaries and images showing Mount Everest’s beauty and challenging surroundings are displayed to enlighten and inspire visitors. Additionally, displays demonstrating the equipment and items utilized in past missions may be present.

It’s possible to donate money on Everest Day to groups that promote mountaineering, environmental protection, and local development in the Everest region.

To educate children about the importance of Everest Day, the Himalayas, and the importance of maintaining these natural wonders, schools and other educational institutions may organize events.

70th Everest Day serves as a reminder of people’s grit, courage, and insatiable appetite for knowledge. It honors the mountain and all the valiant individuals who have ventured to its lofty heights.