Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost

Are you looking for an adventure in the Himalayas of Nepal? One of the best and the most unique choices for you would be the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

If you are worried about your expenses for the trek, don’t stress. We will give you very simplified guidelines, facts, and figures that you require for trekking this region. This article will be your easiest guide for the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost. It will break down the expenses for travel, food, lodging, and any other itinerary needed for your trek.  

Overall Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost 

Calculating the available information and itinerary we can estimate around USD 60-100 cost per head for a day. This leaves you with USD 1300 to USD 2000 as the total Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost.

The cost differs from company to company and the number of days in the itinerary. This is because of the cost included and excluded in the package and the service, facilities, guides, and porter they provide.

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The Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Permit

The first and foremost allocation for your Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost should be for the permit to enter Manaslu Conservation Area. The Manaslu Circuit Trek requires a special permit cost that ranges from USD 75 to USD 100. This permit cost depends on the season and travel days. 

If you are traveling between the months December-August, the permit costs USD 75 for the first 7 days and an extra 10 USD per day/person. Similarly, If you are traveling between September and November, the permit cost is USD 100 for the first seven days and an extra USD 15 per day/person.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Ride and Guide

To get to the starting point of the trek, you need land-based transportation. There are no airports close to the area. Hence the best option is to drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola through Arughat. You can get the local experience through a local bus or rent a private jeep.

The local bus, although cheaper (USD 10 to USD 15 per person), is time-consuming. The private jeep costs a lot more but comes with less hassle. Renting one private jeep would cost you USD 200 to USD 250, depending on the jeep.

We Life Himalaya Trekking recommend the Private Jeep to our guests as it is hassle-free, and you can fully enjoy the ride. 

You will have similar travel options while returning, like the local bus ride and private jeep renting. However, if you wish, there is another means of less expensive travel here; local jeeps that run all day. The local jeep would cost you around USD 20 to return to Kathmandu. It is a public vehicle that is more comfortable than a local bus but not as lavish as a rented private jeep.

If you are a foreigner, the Manaslu circuit trek requires trekkers to have a guide. This is a compulsion as per the Government rule. You are not allowed to travel solo in the region. At least two trekkers and a guide are compulsory. The guide you choose must be licensed, not just any guide. 

The guides will cost you USD 30 to USD 40 per day, depending on the guide’s experience level. The cheaper guides are usually amateurs, whereas the expensive ones are professionals. Most guides help you be familiar with the trek, whereas some also help you carry your goods.

You can also hire a porter, costing you USD 20 to USD 30 daily. One porter can carry 20-25 kg of weight. You can take only a porter with you, but they do not have fluency in English.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Food and Drinks

The basic understanding you need to have while traveling the Himalayas is that the expense increases with altitude. The further remote your location is, the more expensive freight is.

So the food and accommodation in the Manaslu circuit trek are slightly higher than that of the hills of Nepal but quite similar to Everest or Annapurna region. A meal will cost around USD 5 -12, or you could separate USD 20-25 for a meal per head per day.

The drinks available in the region are also of a similar price range. A cup of tea will cost you USD 2.5 – 4, a cup of coffee around USD 3-5, a bottle of beer would amount to USD 5-8, and bottled water or soda would cost USD 2-5. Most of the region’s water sources are not polluted and are safe to drink. But, bringing a water purifier is recommended while drinking tap water.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Accommodation 

The lodging facilities available in the Manaslu trail are tea houses. Tea houses provide you with private rooms with shared washrooms. The tea houses provide you with beds, blankets, and pillows. Despite those arrangements, you should make sure you carry a sleeping bag. It will ensure your cleanliness and is also an extra layer of warmth in case of cold.

The tea houses have communal dining areas with heaters or an open fire through firewood. The cost of the lodging will be done per head; each person pays individually, and the cost will amount to around USD 6-9 per night. Most lodges provide Wi-Fi facilities and electricity, but this will cost you a few bucks

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Miscellaneous 

You are highly recommended to keep notes of minute things you need for the trek. It is best to buy a mobile internet data pack before starting the trek rather than expecting wifi facilities. The internet data package would cost you around USD 10 per month (it depends on the volume you purchase). 

Also, it is best you carry a solar battery charger or power bank for juice on your devices. However, you might also get electricity for the purpose by paying a few dollars. You might also be expected to make donations to local monasteries and tip your guides, porters, and accommodators. The donation might vary but ensure that you have around USD 10 as tips for your travel associates for a day. 

The remote regions of the trail do not have water heating technologies. If you wish to have a warm bath or require hot water, you are given a heated bucket of water in the firewood. This will again cost you 2-3 USD. 

Furthermore, you must also keep in mind the expense of your travel gear. You will need high ankle hiking boots, thermal inner wear, easy dry hiking pants, hiking socks, and a hiking bag. Also, you must ensure you carry your essentials for cold weather up on the trails as it’s quite chilly. Scarves, woolens caps, gloves, and other clothing materials could be needed.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost – Point to be noted

Most of your essentials for the trek are transported through donkeys and yaks. The trade of goods is quite difficult in this region. Hence, just a cup of tea will cost you almost NRs200, which is more expensive than what you get in Kathmandu(NRs 20).

The remote and difficult journey to the trail is the reason. So, the cost for most of your itinerary is fixed, do not complain about it. And, local people do not like to bargain.

Also, ensure you carry enough cash for your journey through the trails. The payment for guides, porters, food, lodge, and other money-related transactions is cash. The remote region does not have ATMs or banks, and people cannot accept cards or online payments. There aren’t other means of payment except for cash. So, make sure your wallet is full of changes.

Most of the expenses broken down in the article are mentioned in terms of USD. But obviously, the transactions are to be done in the Nepali currency. One USD roughly amounts to NRs 120-130. Keep up with the exchange rate and have enough Nepali currency in your wallet.

Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficult?

Any trekking at a high altitude lasting more than a fortnight would be difficult. But the Manaslu trail trek is considered a relatively less challenging trek among other destinations in the other Nepali Himalayas. Its difficulty level is often compared to the Annapurna Base Camp trek. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost analysis based on the difficulty 

The generic itinerary of the trek will not cater to every individual. So, save for the Manaslu circuit trek cost based on your comfort.

Problems of altitude sickness, exhaustion due to heavy luggage, and unpredictable weather are common difficulties faced during the trek. However, if you research these challenges, you can find accommodations and pack essential supplements for potential difficulties. You might need to customize your budget accordingly per your need as well.

If you worry that you might need assistance due to exhaustion, make sure you allocate a budget for porters. If you want better insurance for your health and safety, pay for a more experienced guide. This might cost you extra, but it is worth it.

You also need to be physically fit and have enough stamina to go on a fortnight’s worth of trek at high altitudes. If you aren’t physically active, you must increase your stamina beforehand. If you need to hit the gym or enter a certain fitness program, count that cost.


The trek to trails of the Himalayas of Nepal is a popular tourist destination. Thousands of tourists visit the Himalayas yearly but miss regions like the Manaslu trail. The popular tourist population is very much focused on areas like the Annapurna base camp or the Everest base camp.

Although the highest and deadliest peaks of the world sound adventurous, they demand a lot of strategies and come with many inconveniences.

The Manaslu trail trek, in contrast to those, is quite different. It isn’t as flooded with tourists as the Annapurna Base Camp or the Everest Base Camp. It isn’t as explored as the other Himalayas trekking trails, so if you love exploring the unknown, this trek is for you.

Our company has a very reasonable and excellent package for the Manaslu circuit that will take care of all your needs. It will cover all of your Manaslu Circuit Trek costs without you having to worry about individual itineraries.